Redefining Luxury Living: The Rise of Branded Residences Beyond Hotels

The landscape of branded residences is evolving, moving beyond the realm of hotels and into uncharted territories like luxury cars and high-end fashion.

Take, for example, developer Gil Dezer’s ventures in Miami: residences branded by Porsche and Armani, reported by The New York Times.

The Porsche Design Tower not only provides opulent living spaces but features an innovative “Dezervator” that lifts residents’ cars right up to their condos.

On the other hand, Residences by Armani Casa offer the unique opportunity to live in a space that has received Giorgio Armani’s personal design touch, from tapestries to furniture.

While the idea of living in a ‘branded’ residence might sound extravagant, it’s a market expected to grow by 12% annually through 2026.

It appears that branded residences are carving out their own niche in the real estate market, blending luxury living with the cachet of globally recognized brands. Read More


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