Open House: An Excellent Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents!

At the start of one’s real estate career, the go-to marketing idea has always been to do open houses.

Newer agents will ask seasoned agents if they can do an open house over the weekend to get potential buyers.

Open House: An Excellent Marketing Strategy!

To truly succeed at an open house, you must show the visitor the value of “coming by.”

Themed open houses, especially ones around a holiday, can be very successful in large numbers of guests.

Plan unique refreshments, as well as, an activity that involves capturing the guests’ contact information, like a raffle and possible entertainment.

Of course, please make sure to review these details with the seller.

If you aren’t sure what it takes to host a valued open house, contact me for a copy of my step-by-step guide, which also features a free downloadable checklist.

A Note of Caution:

Poorly thought-out marketing could be costly. No matter what marketing strategy you choose to use, do not expect a quick return. “Slow and steady wins the race.” You should also make sure to develop a budget before starting any marketing plan. With some creativity and research, marketing yourself can be very reasonable and cost-effective.