No Tricks, All Treats: How Real Estate Pros Can Leverage Halloween

October 31st is not just for trick-or-treaters and costume parties; it also offers a golden opportunity for real estate professionals to connect with their audience. Below are some smart ways you can leverage Halloween to give your business a festive boost.

Seasonal Staging

  1. Halloween-Themed Open Houses

Why not host a Halloween-themed open house? Provide a setting that allows potential buyers to envision spending their holidays in that home.

Pro Tip:

Hand out small gifts that carry your branding, like custom treat bags or mini pumpkins with your business card attached.

  1. Virtual Haunted House Tours

Virtual tours are an essential part of real estate marketing. Spice it up with a “haunted house” theme to engage potential buyers.

Pro Tip:

Make it interactive by creating a scavenger hunt where viewers can find hidden Halloween-related items in the tour.

Spooktacular Content Marketing

  1. Halloween Safety Tips Blog

As a real estate expert, you can provide valuable information such as safety tips for trick-or-treating in various neighborhoods.

Pro Tip:

Segment your list to send this information specifically to families in the areas you cover.

  1. Social Media Contests

Host a virtual costume contest or a home decorating contest on your social media platforms.

Pro Tip:

To encourage participation, offer a prize that’s related to your business, like a free home valuation or a discount on a service.

Follow-Up Techniques

  1. Post-Halloween Thank You

After Halloween, send a thank-you email to clients who attended your open house or participated in online events.

Pro Tip:

Include photos from your Halloween events to make the email more engaging and memorable.

  1. The Pumpkin Pie Approach

Create goodwill by dropping off a pumpkin pie to recent clients or hot leads, thanking them for their business or interest.

Pro Tip:

Include a short note with market insights or other valuable information to position yourself as an industry expert.


Halloween provides a fun and creative way to engage with clients and showcase your properties. From festive open houses to thematic content marketing, the possibilities are endless. This October 31st, don’t miss the chance to make a lasting impression on both current and prospective clients.

About The Author

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a seasoned real estate copywriter and public relations strategist. Renowned for his ability to connect properties and people through compelling narratives, Delroy specializes in creating multi-dimensional campaigns that not only sell homes but also tell stories. His innovative approach to real estate marketing captures the essence of each property while resonating with buyers and sellers alike. When you collaborate with Delroy, you gain more than just a wordsmith; you gain a strategist committed to elevating your brand and achieving your business goals.

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