Let your clients see the softer side of you…

Write Personal Note Cards

Personal touch, kindness, and etiquette will get you business without directly asking for it.

When was the last time someone showed you they were thinking about you?

… the gesture is sure to leave an impression!

A statement like that can shift a person’s day significantly. Consider writing two personal note cards daily.

This form of marketing will cover all target markets through all generations.

For example, the Golden or Silver Senior will appreciate you taking the time to personally write them a caring note.

The younger generation will appreciate you taking the time to “love on them” with some kind inspiring words.

In either case, the gesture is sure to leave an impression.

Pro tip: Marketing needs to be specific to the group of individuals you would like to connect with. For example, if you want more Millennial clients, you would not send them “snail mail” such as postcards or letters. Millennials are all about virtual marketing and the most up-to-date technology. On the flip side, if you want to expand your Golden or Silver Seniors, 70 years of age and older, you need to embrace a more personal, hands-on approach.

Bottom Line

Poorly thought-out marketing could be costly. No matter what marketing strategy you choose to use, do not expect a quick return. “Slow and steady wins the race.” You should also make sure to develop a budget before starting any marketing plan. With some creativity and research, marketing yourself can be very reasonable and cost-effective.