Housing Health Scares For Home Buyers And Sellers

Can you explain the health implications of lead-based paint poisoning?

That’s a question that real estate agents have had asked of them regularly by a prospective client looking to purchase a new house.

Unfortunately, the uninformed don’t have a clue.

The informed, those on top of their game, know and can provide an immediate answer.

For those who need a quick “catch me up” on the subject. This article gives both the real estate agent and the home buyer a brief overview of the matter until they have had the time to do fuller research on their own.

Protect your family from lead in your home.

Lead paint containing toxins and often found in residences can lead to pre-existing health conditions. With simple in-home assessment techniques and simple cleaning procedures that can be performed over days, we can make the home safe, helping to address the health conditions of lead poisoning victims.

Many times, the victims of lead poisoning suffer from an existing physical and mental health condition because of exposure to lead paint. In today’s day and age, we need to emphasize that lead exposure can be hazardous and cause underlying issues to the person in question.

Lead Paint Causes:

Lead poisoning left untreated can lead to pre-existing health conditions or even cause death. There are several ways the harmful effects can manifest with lead in every form of life. Reading the headlines on lead poisoning can be seen as heart-wrenching and the thought of anyone suffering from lead poisoning makes the stomach hurt. However, we need to look at the easy to identify effects of lead poisoning.

This is how lead poisoning affect your health.

The common symptoms of lead poisoning include abdominal pain, fatigue, skin redness, excessive sweating, and headaches. Again, these are all symptoms of lead poisoning and can be felt just from exposure. Some children have recovered faster than others with the signs that they have experienced.

Any color of visible lead paint can cause lead poisoning, and many older adults are at risk. There are also toxic metals such as cadmium in the house. Taking proper precautions can prevent those who live in homes with lead-based paint from developing signs of lead poisoning.

Simple Steps to Stop a Case of Lead Poisoning

I have a passion for helping and educating people on the health risks individuals might face in their homes, and lead paint poisoning is just one such risks. Lead poisoning affects almost any of the organs of the body. The damage the lead can cause to the body becomes so severe it can affect the brain and other major organs. Even though the poisoning can seem harsh and be fatal if it’s not diagnosed and treated, the vast majority of cases are treatable and can be resolved quickly.

I want to expand on some of the easy to notice health issues that occur in the victim. Having an awareness of these effects can help in eliminating lead from living conditions.

Lead Paint Flakes!

The good news is that there are many ways to stop lead exposure from occurring, from opening the windows for the sunlight to removing the lead from the walls and doing basic sweeping and cleaning of the home. I recommend painting and keeping the paint entirely the way it should be to keep lead building up in the house.

Check Your Home for Lead Paint:

When planning to remodel your home, regularly ask friends and neighbors about any particular homes they know are exposed to lead.

Ask if they have noticed any symptoms which could show potential exposure. If they do, it is usually safe to go ahead with the remodeling to improve your home or expand it.

That’s it for now, and I hope you’ll continue to help us find out more about home safety tips in our ongoing research series. Tell us what real estate related concerns you have that you’d like to us address or questions you’d like answered. ###