10 tips for investing in real estate

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to create long-term wealth and build your net worth. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get started investing. You can do many things with real estate, such as investing in commercial properties, houses, and apartments, or you can even buy land and build your own […]

4 Ways to generate more sales as a real estate agent

One of the most challenging things an agent can face in an industry mainly comprised of sellers’ agents is maintaining the client’s trust. As each client settles into their home and budget, they send an outpouring of negative comments to their agents. The highest-paid agent has a reputation for providing the best properties in the […]

Real Estate Agents: What You Say in Your Blog Postings Can Make a Difference

Top copywriting experts say that knowledge is power, which has always been true for real estate agents. What we say in our postings and information on our respective blogs can make a difference to our client’s ability to make an informed decision regarding the products and services of our businesses, whether a purchase or an […]

How best to improve your copywriting at an international level

Copywriting has, for many years, been an important consideration in marketing communications, and companies have always taken advantage of innovative technology in this field. This article goes a step ahead of the game by analyzing the critical factors in copywriting. Share your business details/product all over the web No business can manage without a website, […]

Tips On How To Write Great Real Estate Sales letters!

Most sales letters can be written efficiently, but shoddy writing causes poor communication between buyers and sellers. Therefore, as the CEO and lead copywriter of RealtyQuotient.com, a copywriting service for real estate agents, it would be my recommendation that all sellers adopt a superior sales edge before pitching their latest product. With a simple handout, […]

5 Reasons Real Estate Professionals Need To Upskill & Ways To Do It Right

Over the years, RealtyQuotient.com has matured and expanded. Just as traditional media underwent dramatic changes, so too has the real estate sector with the evolution of social media. Today real estate professionals are required to know how to not only discover and use these new channels, but learn how to be marketers, build traffic and […]

5 Killer Ways To Hire An Outstanding Copywriter For Your Real Estate Brand

Today’s home buyer is full of personality. He’s willing to research and shop for homes on his own. Buyers are often looking for an existing home while their partners do the same. Having a written image of a future home provides a piece of information that a potential buyer can look to when comparing homes. […]