ATTENTION REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Here’s How To Get A Good Copywriter To Help You Reap The Benefits Of Your Content Marketing

Today’s home buyer is full of personality. He’s willing to research and shop for homes on his own. Buyers are often looking for an existing home while their partners are doing the same. Having a written image of a future home provides a piece of information that a potential buyer can look to when comparing homes.

Some people do all their research on a computer. Others shop like fanatics. Others visit online features like Yelp to find out what fellow buyers have to say about a specific neighborhood.

Need a reliable copywriter for your real estate brand?

Whatever type of home-buying experience you’re having, learning how to use content writers is a great way to ensure you’re creating a successful and meaningful marketing plan. You can save time and money and generate huge returns on your content marketing budget by hiring a suitable content writer.

While you can probably find your person who can do what you need for your home-buying process, you’ll likely want someone to check out all the homes that are on sale. Not all homes require a script, and a lot of home information isn’t meant to be concise and factual.

Remember that information that you don’t want your real estate agent to know can still be helpful to readers. If sometimes you don’t want your agents to know about a specific feature, get a copy of the sale agreement you signed from a trusted real estate research website and include that information with the information that you want your writer to use.

Never get bogged down with complicated information that only a novice could understand.

Content writers are hired to help you work through the “why” and the “how” of how to put together an effective marketing plan. So, it’s essential to understand what content will sell your home.

Consider the benefits of your content marketing efforts.

1. Pros: Copy you produce has the highest likelihood of “getting through to the readers.”

2. Cons: You can use them poorly or get them mixed up with unrelated content.

3. Who to use: A great content writer costs time and money and is probably best found through a referral.

4. Here are some tips on creating your content for your own business:

Tip No. 1: Pick content that’s easy to find. Write that you’d find on the Internet and see if it sells your product or service.

Tip No. 2: Choose at least one or two things you enjoy and are knowledgeable about and put them in your content.

Tip No. 3: Write the best copy that you can that you have words for. This is something you can put yourself into it.

Tip No. 4: Avoid using filler phrases. It adds little.

Tip No. 5: Prep for every interaction you have with your readers.

Prepare your copy using software tools like Neat or Pinpoint to find your best content for every situation.

Then, get out there and create it. Your content marketing strategy can save time, money and help you get a better bang for your buck.###

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a public relations, content marketing consultant, and copywriter. He provides comprehensive publicity marketing planning and copywriting that helps realtors, real estate agents, agencies, and firms attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility.