Ask for Referrals… Real Estate Advice!

As a real estate professional, working with people who know and love you is a win-win situation.

After doing a transaction with a buyer or seller, they will become your biggest fans.

Always ask your clients and connections for referrals….

These folks are singing your praises and sharing by word of mouth with their friends and family what a Rock Star you are.

While you are in a transaction, ask if your client knows anyone who may also need to buy or sell a home. I believe that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Networking is an amazing tool to use whether you are a new or seasoned real estate agent.

As a professional real estate content strategist and copywriter, I actually start networking as soon as I leave my home in the morning. As a real estate professional, I suggest you do the same.

When you stop at the local coffee shop, you get to know the barista serving you.

Always make sure they know you are a real estate agent.

When dropping off your children at daycare or preschool, get to know the teachers and aides.

You don’t need to “be in their face” about real estate.

People love to talk about themselves when you ask them questions about family, occupation, recreation, and dreams.

I can assure you the topic of homes will come up.

Point To Ponder:

Poorly thought-out marketing could be costly. No matter what marketing strategy you choose to use, do not expect a quick return. “Slow and steady wins the race.” You should also make sure to develop a budget before starting any marketing plan. With some creativity and research, marketing yourself can be very reasonable and cost-effective.