A Surprising Tale of a Local Real Estate Agent: A Lesson on Professionalism

STOP” was all she wrote!

Recently, I encountered an unsettling experience with a local real estate agent named Shelly Smith, who operates out of Hagerstown, MD. As a homeowner and potential future client, I had been reaching out to her for assistance with a school project for months, hoping that the professional and helpful persona she so diligently portrays in her marketing efforts would be true in practice. Unfortunately, my experience was far from what I had anticipated.

Image source: “STOP” was all she wrote!

Shelly Smith has been rigorously promoting her services all around town. Every public notice board is adorned with her business cards – a constant reminder of her presence in the real estate market. Intrigued and impressed by her perseverance, I decided to seek her advice for my project, and potentially consider her services for my future real estate needs.

However, the response I received was nothing short of shocking. “STOP” was all she wrote in her reply. As a homeowner who may require real estate services in the future, I felt dismissed and undervalued. Shouldn’t customer service be a priority for someone in such a client-focused industry?

While I understand that real estate agents may not have time for every inquiry, courtesy and professionalism should never be compromised. After all, it is a numbers game – every interaction has the potential to become a fruitful business relationship.

So, the question to be pondered upon – is this the kind of agent you would entrust with your property and business dealings? I’ll leave that for you to decide.