8 Tips to Free Publicity for Realtors

Realtors are a dime a dozen, but how can you stand out in the crowd enough that the media actually are writing about you or interviewing you? Here are some tips that will make you the realtor of choice when it’s time for an interview.

Pick a niche. A realtor who sells to everyone is of interest to no one. On any day, there are probably dozens of realtors selling properties to anyone and everyone. But if you’re looking for a realtor who sells to specific groups of people, then you might consider hiring a Realtor Who Sells To Everyone. This type of realtor is well-trained in marketing and sales techniques, so they can sell your home quickly and easily, no matter who’s interested in buying it. They’ll also be familiar with all the latest trends in the marketplace, which will give them an edge when trying to find buyers. So if you’re ready to move on from being “just another resident,” then contact a Realtor Who Sells To Everyone today!


Have something that makes you memorable and compelling. There was a realtor in Pasadena who drove a motorcycle. He did well, even when he had to show a home. His clients loved how passionate he was about his work, and they could sense the excitement in him as he showed them homes. He never failed to grab their attention and make them want to buy the property. His story made headlines all over town, and word of mouth soon got around. In fact, so many people wanted to see this unique realtor that the Hastings Agency couldn’t accommodate everyone. Eventually, everyone caught a glimpse of Bill Davidson on his beautiful motorcycle.

Contact reporters and let them know you are a resource. If they need a quote or information on a story, you’ll be there to help. The world is small, and sometimes the best sources are people you know. I’ve been in contact with reporters throughout my career and always have their back. If they need a quote or information on a story, I’ll be there to help them out. Whether it’s for an article or just for cups of coffee, I’m available whenever they need me.

Write a book that makes you an expert on your topic. If you’re interested in birds, you could write a book about your feathered friends. So, if you had always been interested in them, you thought everyone should know about the amazing creatures in our world. Your book would help people understand the biology of birds and how their songs can change the weather. It could also describe different kinds of birds and where they live. With your knowledge, anyone could be an expert on bird watching!

Tie your business to a nonprofit. Use part of your proceeds as a fundraiser. Often, businesses can tie their charitable work to their business goals by creating a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This way, the profits from your company go directly back into the nonprofit and are used for philanthropic purposes. By doing this, you create goodwill within your industry as well as increase awareness about your charity. Additionally, you may be able to conduct fundraising campaigns that use proceeds from your sales or services to support specific causes. This way, everyone wins- including those who need help the most!

Tie into national news. If you can show that a national issue relates to a local issue that you deal with, you will be newsworthy. The recent string of mass shootings has caused a lot of tension in the United States. Some people call for stricter gun laws, while others think nothing will change and the shootings will continue. This isn’t just an American issue; mass shootings happen all over the world.

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In fact, one occurred at a factory in Maryland last week (06/16/2022), where three people were killed and multiple wounded, including a police officer. The gunman was identified only as a 23-year-old man from West Virginia and was not formally charged (at the time of this writing) because the police were “currently in the process of doing that.

But this is only the latest example of a problem that’s been happening for years now. It’s called terrorism by firearm, and it’s something that local officials have been struggling to deal with for years now.

In some cases, terrorist organizations are behind these attacks; in other cases, lone individuals go off on rampages with no motive whatsoever.

Regardless of how they’re perpetrated, mass shootings have a negative impact on society as a whole.

They sap energy away from legitimate political discussions and create waves of anger and grief that are hard to extinguish. locally newsworthy.

However, no matter how good or bad the news of the day is, as a realtor you can always use it to your advantage to get publicity for yourself and your business. For example, mass shootings are now trending in the news. But how can I, as a real estate agent, can capitalize on this. For starters, you can write articles that will teach homeowners how to securely store their firearms at home, or when and how to use their firearms if a thief breaks into their home. A little research won’t hurt, but it will certainly turn up a whole lot of topics to write on that are currently trending in the news.

Publish articles in your area of expertise in the media publications. Many will accept a how-to article. To get your work published in a media publication, first, you need to submit it as an article. Many publications will accept how-to articles on all sorts of topics, so don’t be afraid to shoot them an email if that’s what you’re interested in writing about. Once your submission is accepted, make sure that you follow the publication’s guidelines carefully. Do your research before starting your article and ensure that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date. Finally, aim to provoke thought among readers by using strong prose and stirring imagery. If you can accomplish all of these things, then publishing in a media publication should be easy peasy!

Tailor your website to your niche market. Be different and give lots of information. Reporters can get the background information needed before giving you a call. To do this, you need to be knowledgeable about the topic that you are writing about and know what keywords will help people find your website. You should also ensure that your website design is eye-catching and takes advantage of all the marketing channels available today. By doing these things, you will increase the chances of getting published by reporters and bringing in thousands of visitors who may be interested in learning more about your niche market.###

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