8 Tips to Free Publicity for Realtors

Realtors are a dime a dozen.

How can you stand out in the crowd enough that the media actually are writing about you or interviewing you?

Here are some tips that will make you the realtor of choice when it’s time for an interview:

  1. Pick a niche. A realtor who sells to everyone is of interest to no one.
  2. Have something that makes you memorable and compelling. There was a realtor in Pasadena who drove a motorcycle. He did well, even when he had to show a home.
  3. Contact reporters and let them know you are a resource. If they need a quote or information on a story, you’ll be there to help.
  4. Write a book that makes you an expert!
  5. Tie your business to a nonprofit. Use part of your proceeds as a fundraiser.
  6. Tie into national news. If you can show that a national issue relates to a local issue that you deal with, you will be newsworthy.
  7. Publish articles in your area of expertise in the media publications. Many will accept a how-to article.
  8. Tailor your website to your niche market. Be different and give lots of information. Reporters can get the background information needed before giving you a call.

In conclusion, real estate agents can use free publicity to get their name and services out there. By following the tips in this article, agents can increase their chances of getting featured in the media. By getting publicity, agents can attract more clients and build their businesses.