Deconstructing Superstitions: How Friday the 13th Affects the Real Estate Industry

October 13th falls on a Friday this year, giving us the rare and mystifying Friday the 13th. While most people dismiss this day as an old wives’ tale, the impact on the real estate sector is more tangible than you might think. From skittish buyers to superstitious sellers, let’s explore how Friday the 13th could potentially affect your real estate business.

Friday the 13th and Consumer Behavior

  1. Fear of Closing

Some buyers or sellers may be wary of closing a deal on Friday the 13th.

Pro Tip:

Offer flexible closing dates to accommodate superstitious clients, and maybe even throw in a small “good luck” charm as a bonus.

  1. Building and Floor Numbers

Many buildings skip the 13th floor, labeling it 14A or M, and some buyers avoid properties with the number 13 in the address.

Pro Tip:

For a property numbered 13, consider marketing it using its coordinates or landmark nearby instead.

Strategies for the Skeptical Market

  1. Open Houses

Instead of shying away, lean into the day by hosting a “Lucky Friday the 13th” themed open house.

Pro Tip:

Promote the event with lucky charms, such as horseshoes or four-leaf clovers, and offer small tokens to visitors to offset the superstition.

  1. Narrative Spin

Use your storytelling prowess to reframe the narrative around properties that have the number 13 or a 13th floor.

Pro Tip:

Craft a compelling backstory, focused on success or prosperity, that happened to previous owners to challenge the stigma around the number 13.

A Balanced Perspective

While it’s essential to be cognizant of the superstitions affecting buyer and seller behavior, also remember that not everyone is superstitious. The key is to maintain a balanced approach that respects varying beliefs without undermining the property’s value.


While Friday the 13th may seem like a trivial superstition, its impact on real estate cannot be entirely ignored. By understanding the psychology behind these beliefs, you can strategize effectively and turn the tables on this ominous day.

About The Author

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a seasoned copywriter and public relations strategist, focusing specifically on the real estate sector. Known for his compelling storytelling and keen understanding of market psychology, Delroy brings a unique blend of expertise that resonates with both buyers and sellers. His services are tailor-made to amplify listings through captivating narratives while also offering strategies for navigating market nuances like cultural superstitions. Collaborating with Delroy means not just selling properties, but crafting stories that turn houses into homes.

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