6 High-Quality Real Estate Content Marketing Principles

As real estate professionals, perhaps you think there’s no longer a need for sales and marketing-related content in your business.

If you honestly believe that, then you’re a galaxy away from the truth.

Difficult as it may appear to you, the problem is that your clients only need sales-related content at a very particular moment in the sales process.

Consistency… the bedrock of a successful content publishing!

Besides, if you’re honest about your content, your organization has plenty of features- and benefit-related range.

However, from my vantage point, as a professional real estate content marketing strategist and copywriter, what you need are stories that engage your clients… and stories move them to take action.

Now, before we get to the principles of real estate content marketing are reviewed, remember that the goal with content is to “move” the customer in some way.

As content markers, we need to affect them, engage them positively, and do whatever we can to help stay involved in their lives and conversations. The following are the six principles of real estate content marketing, and I suggest you heed them.

Fill a need. Your content should answer some unmet needs or questions for your customer. It needs to be helpful to the client, over and above what you can offer as a product or service.

Be consistent. Consistency is the bedrock of a successful content marketing strategy. Whether you subscribe to a monthly magazine or daily e-mail newsletter, the content must always be delivered on time and as expected. This is where so many companies fall. Whatever you commit to in your content marketing, you must consistently have.

Be human. The benefit of not being a journalistic entity is that you have nothing to hold you back from being, well, you. Find what your voice is, and share it. If your company’s story is all about humor, share that. It’s sarcastic; that’s okay too.

Have a point of view. This is not encyclopedia content. You are not giving a history report. Don’t be afraid to take sides on matters that position you and your company as an expert.

Avoid “sales speak.” When we at Realty Quotient content marketing and copywriting services create content expressly about us, rather than for an educational purpose, it only gets about 25 percent of the regular amount of page views and social shares. The more you talk about yourself, the fewer people will ascribe value to your content.

Be best of the breed. Although you might not reach it at the very beginning, the goal for your content ultimately is to be the best of the species.

This means that, for your content niche, what you’re distributing is the very best of what’s found and is available. If you expect your clients to spend time with your content, you must deliver value for money – the best of what you have to give.

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a public relations, content marketing consultant, and copywriter. He provides comprehensive publicity marketing planning and copywriting that helps realtors, real estate agents, agencies, and firms attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility.