5 Reasons Real Estate Professionals Need To Upskill & Ways To Do It Right

Over the years, RealtyQuotient.com has matured and expanded. Just as traditional media underwent dramatic changes, so too has the real estate sector with the evolution of social media.

Today real estate professionals are required to know how to not only discover and use these new channels, but learn how to be marketers, build traffic and build relationships with clients and prospects.

In order to embrace fully this evolution and embrace its social media expansion, real estate agent must make themselves more “digital natives.”

In honor of National Realtor Appreciation Month, we look at how real estate professionals can stay ahead of the curve, stay at the groundbreaking stage of this digital world and ultimately get the work done for their clients and clients’ clients.

Here are our recommendations on ways for real estate professionals to stay “digital savvies”:

1. Be up to date and be aware of the latest trends.

Empowered professionals are qualified to compete in this changing economy. Technology continues to evolve and changing things to meet the needs of clients and clients’ clients cannot be procrastinated.

Be familiar with trends and your clients’ usage of technology and how it affects your business. Develop a list of popular apps, devices and programs to use with your clients. Technology trends make your work easier and your business more efficient.

2. Stay mobile.

Whether it’s staying available on the phone, using email, text, web or social media, being mobile-accessibly critical to any business strategy. Mobile devices like iPhones, Android and Blackberry are a smart way to keep in touch with clients.

3. Always talk mobile.

Nowadays you can’t talk with a client about property or pricing without first telling them about all the programs you have available. Mobile devices are a cost effective means of marketing and keeping in touch with clients and your clients.

4. Provide solutions, solutions, solutions.

Every problem in the housing industry should be solved with an expert’s expertise. Provide your clients with the services and products you can provide that are more relevant to their needs.

Help your clients work better, save time and increase their profits.

5. Always open door. For more information on RealtyQuotient.com, CLICK HERE.

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a content marketing consultant, copywriter, and publicist. He provides comprehensive publicity marketing planning and copywriting that helps realtors, real estate agents, agencies, and firms attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility.