5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Rid of Writers ‘Blocks

By Delroy A. Whyte-Hall

As a real estate agent, are you still among the legions of professionals who have yet to claim 10% of their time each week through constructive activities? If so, you may be one of the 3% – 70 million–people who have poor productivity for writing and research. Fortunately, consultants and writers can serve as a solution for you, whether professional writers, consultants, or non-professionals. If you have found it difficult to break free from your blocks, take a few minutes to study these tips.

1. Shout Hackery

In extreme cases, individuals can suffer from writer’s block, poor self-promotion, and low self-esteem. It is essential to remove these hindrances and adjust your thinking and behavior to reach the goals that you are setting in writing. The first step is to look for an intervention that can help you. If you can complete tasks without completing the job, look for articles or book reviews that were not met.

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Start with your ABCs!

2. Invest in Tools

Most writing groups are working on the same tools that can help people get better at writing. Your average consumer needs help in doing research, and then they need the tools to write well. Using case studies as a model, consider hiring a consultant to assist you with your written works.

3. Invest in Social Media and LinkedIn

If someone at your company requests you to assist them with writing, consider investing in a writer to add a few layers of structure and make short, simple (but still readable) reports. Getting out there on social media and using LinkedIn to expand your network is a great idea. If you are new to social media, LinkedIn is a great tool to use to network.

4. Invest in Hacks for Self-Promotion

If your firm or employee is looking for a writer to enhance their website or web presence, consider investing in advanced or useable plugins. These plugins can optimize pages and make them load faster. The following plugins can help: WordPress Booster, WordPress Composite Plugin: WordPress Create Generator Plugin for media, and more that share code plugin for media cradle manager.

5. Invest in Google Alerts and Projects for Writers

If your employer or client is the mastermind behind a project or project management, you should consider using Google Alerts. You can either set it up and be notified when a project management webpage gets updated or check Google search to find articles on related words. You can also filter out some keywords and say, “read me reviews.” Invest in other resources, such as this framework, for best editors who work in writers’ shops if they are not available.

You might what to Create Blockbuster Exercises

Everyone has a block for at least ten minutes of writing when they need to jump in and start working. Whether it’s because of an unexpected situation or simply a need to check something off of their list, you always have to have your writer’s block eliminated. With daily routines comprising going to the office, returning home, or taking care of the kids, it can be almost impossible to find time even to start a project.

Creating Blockbuster Exercises

While everything seems to have a finite time, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you need to get your writing in over the phone or finish it up in the car, kitchen, or shower. If those solutions aren’t workable or you want to challenge yourself, many practical exercises are guaranteed to get your writer’s block out of the way. Here are a few:

Going to Print: Don’t start a paper notebook, as that can take up too much time. Instead, stick out your pen or pencil, sign off on the page, and start writing. Then go back through it later to read and see what’s changed. Or try highlighting words, as the process will help you spot areas that need attention.

Write It Down: This exercise helps you visualize the outline and write it down. The act of writing something down can put that aspect out of your mind, allowing you to create a tangible item in your mind.

A Little Originality: Pick a subject that doesn’t appear to be in your life all the time, like architecture, that might require you to find some creativity. Darts can help you get rid of those blocks. While you might think it’s terrible, for many people dashes, get the creative juices flowing.

Draw It Out: Another great way to end the block is by drawing something that brings your mind back to the topic. Whether it’s the shape of a balloon, or an outline of some building, drawing it out is a way to focus your thoughts and work towards a picture.

If these tactics don’t work, it could be your mind can’t see where you’re heading with the project, or maybe it’s all coming together in the wrong order. Either way, it’s essential to ensure that your block and progress are in good condition.###

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a public relations, content marketing consultant, and copywriter. He provides comprehensive publicity marketing and copywriting that helps realtors, real estate agents, agencies, and firms attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility.