4 Major Misconceptions About Real Estate Marketing Letters

Finding a savvy real estate broker or representative can be confusing. Managing traffic, researching the real estate market, and learning to market copy is essential, yet this often requires a detailed understanding of the field. Every real estate pitch can help both a home buyer and seller.

Structure differentiates various letter formats in a typical real estate letter. Not every real estate broker writes in a 10-point format; however, some real estate groups do. In almost every real estate letter format, it is critical to group-specific aspects of your home and price range into separate sections instead of presenting the entire house in one particular area. Don’t overcomplicate it.

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Finding a savvy real estate marketing writer or content specialist doesn’t have to be confusing.

Before you write the letter, the first step is to choose whether you want to write it yourself or hire a qualified freelance writer. Regardless of how you will write, the key is that it needs to fit your brand. It should be a concise statement that gives buyers and sellers a clear picture of your property, keeping it as simple as possible.

You must write concisely and creatively, as you have only one chance to capture attention.

You must write a strategic marketing letter that promotes your property, and I mean to the fixtures. It’s essential to advertise the water heater, light switch, and towel rod in the letter to help remind buyers about the company.

These are the crucial things you feel are vital in the marketing letter and why you should write them. It may seem like a waste, but they keep buyers and sellers coming back to your door. Like any other marketing line, you want to build up buzz and interest in your real estate agents.

Here’s another idea: you can use letters like the final one to market other services. For example, instead of writing about your services and preference for a particular brand, you can write a letter about other things that you offer in the profession. Suppose you are a lawyer and specialize in estate planning. In that case, you could write a letter focusing distinctly on this carefully and hope that you gain interest in a particular estate planning service.

Naturally, it’s not an appropriate idea to sell everything from your company in a letter, but it’s good to position it nicely and market what you offer. Keep in mind that you never want to take too much away from the real estate agent’s role and position of the company. Their work is about building rapport and trust; however, it’s possible only to provide a certain amount of additional information.

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a public relations, content marketing consultant, and copywriter. He provides comprehensive publicity marketing planning and copywriting that helps realtors, real estate agents, agencies, and firms attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility.