21 Short Steps: A Real Estate Pro’s Guide to Shining on TV and Doubling Your Business

In a world where visual imagery wields immense power, securing a spot on television is often seen as the apex of public recognition.

Real estate professionals, with their picturesque listings and transformative stories, have a vibrant canvas to lure the lens.

A slice of airtime not only catapults them into the public eye but also doubles as a robust marketing arsenal.

Unlike the literary haven that Oprah created, today’s TV spots might not have the Midas touch, but a brief appearance on a reputable morning or late night show can still sprinkle a little magic on your real estate endeavor.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the glittering gates of television publicity:

  1. Identify Your Unique Story: Every property has a tale. Delve into the narrative that makes your listing or real estate service distinct.
  2. Craft a Captivating Pitch: Your pitch should resonate with both a broad audience and the specific demographic you aim to engage.
  3. Research and Target Suitable Shows: Not all shows are created equal. Aim for those whose audience aligns with your niche.
  4. Build a Media List: Create a list of contacts in the television industry. Networking is key.
  5. Press Release Mastery: Draft a press release that’s succinct, engaging, and newsworthy.
  6. Develop a Media Kit: This should encapsulate your story, accomplishments, and what you bring to the table.
  7. Practice Your Pitch: Rehearsal eradicates hesitation and hones your delivery.
  8. Follow Up: Persistence often leads to success. Follow up your pitch with emails or calls.
  9. Engage a Public Relations Firm: If budget allows, professional PR firms can pave a smoother path.
  10. Leverage Local Media: Local TV stations are often more accessible and provide a stepping stone to larger platforms.
  11. Utilize Online Platforms: Engage with TV shows and journalists on social media. A tweet could lead to a spot!
  12. Create Buzz: Generate excitement around your story through social media, blog posts, and community engagement.
  13. Offer Exclusivity: Exclusive stories are enticing. Offer a unique angle to a prospective show.
  14. Be Ready for the Call: Have your material and a vibrant, engaging demeanor ready for when the call comes.
  15. Prepare for the Screening Process: TV shows often have a screening process. Be prepared to showcase why you’re the right fit.
  16. Demonstrate Value: Illustrate how your appearance could boost ratings or offer fresh, valuable insight.
  17. Offer a Sneak Peek: Provide a preview of the interesting, insightful or heart-warming stories you’re willing to share.
  18. Build Relationships: Foster relationships with media personnel. It’s a small world; a friendly rapport goes a long way.
  19. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of trending topics in both the real estate realm and broader societal discussions.
  20. Be Patient: The road to television might be long and winding. Patience, paired with persistence, often pays off.
  21. Analyze and Learn: Post appearance, analyze the outcomes, and refine your strategy for future pitches.

Harnessing the power of television requires a blend of preparation, persistence, and a dash of creativity. As you tread this exciting path, each step taken is a stride towards etching your brand in the bustling realm of real estate, one frame at a time.

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