6 High-Quality Real Estate Content Marketing Principles

As real estate professionals, perhaps you think there’s no longer a need for sales and marketing-related content in your business. If you honestly believe that, then you’re a galaxy away from the truth. Difficult as it may appear to you, the problem is that your clients only need sales-related content at a very particular moment […]

Let your clients see the softer side of you…

Write Personal Note Cards Personal touch, kindness, and etiquette will get you business without directly asking for it. When was the last time someone showed you they were thinking about you? A statement like that can shift a person’s day significantly. Consider writing two personal note cards daily. This form of marketing will cover all […]

Real Estate Agents: Take Your Social Media and Marketing to the Next Level

When you are able to show the “real you” via pictures and life experiences, you will make connections with your audience. The individuals who see you on screen need to see and feel your care and concern. Facebook is an excellent resource for marketing. However, you must create a business Facebook page and not mix […]

How To Build A Personal Brand for Your Real Estate Business

Business and family relationships are crucial parts of real estate sales and marketing.This is a busy and thankless job, whether selling on the weekends or during busy work hours. Gaining and retaining a buyer adds up quickly, and sales comes with confidence. To thrive in the real estate selling business, the owner must master the […]