Letter to Homeowner: 5 Tips to Writing a Personalized (and Persuasive!) Letter to the Sellers

Resolved to sell? Homeowners may be thinking, "This is it — do I really need to mail all my neighbors or clients a letter to inform them that I’m putting my house on the market."

Depending on the amount of time the home has been on the market, either the response will be overwhelming or exceedingly little – but no matter how you approach it, if you'd like to receive a positive and interactive response to your letter to the sellers of your home, you'll need to spend a few minutes copying down the following tips.

5 Tips to Writing a Personalized (and Persuasive!) Letter to the Sellers

1. Rule Number 1: Don't use formal letters. For one thing, you'll probably get caught up on spelling and grammar errors. Also, form letters — while they've been on the market for some time — still have a negative stigma. Don't use them!

2. Be specific! Don't simply write, "Dear Mr. and Mrs. K. County, I want to sell my house!" That's not memorable, it's generically general, and it might be too long for your file. This is the perfect time to start writing your letter.

3. Write your letter in a jargon-free way. Don't forget to explain how your specific home was liked by a particular buyer — and clarify your options for selling that potential buyer. Also, don't avoid mentioning large and seemingly positive features, such as previous tenants or a series of trades.

4. Don't leave out the obvious. If you do have to mention the details, include them. If you don't know a lot about the client or even if you've lived there for a long time, don't be afraid to ask. The better informed your letter is, the more your effort will be appreciated.

5. Deliver a sense of urgency. It doesn't take a detective to realize the house is on the market — but the longer you wait, the more open houses you'll have to compete with. Addressing the client in your letter before showing the house to the buyer is critical. If you need to show the house within seven days of the time you received your letter, deliver it as quickly as possible.

6. BONUS TIPS: Close with a Q and A. Every buyer or home-buyer makes mistakes, and this letter should be a way to understand the ideal way to handle errors and misunderstandings. It should also be an opportunity to answer any questions the client may have and to offer advice.

Once you are done with writing your letter, make sure it is concise, brief, and to the point.

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