8 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Templates You Need to Write Now!

IF YOU'RE using email marketing for your real estate business, the more prepared you’re with templates, the easier your sales and marketing activities will be. I’ve found there are a multiplicity of messages real estate professionals use to engage their audiences. While I believe you should have these templates at your disposal, you can still do your best to personalize them when you can–but having the template to begin the writing process can save you several hours a week. To help you get a leg up in your real estate email marketing campaign, I’ve created the following eight real estate marketing templates you can use in your business. I’m sharing them with you because they not only give you options you can customize and implement in your marketing campaign but will also help inspire you to what is possible. I created these templates to help you, as real estate professionals, get out in front of your audience. 1. The Introduction Letter. There’s nothing like a first impression—but sometimes it takes a little more than a mere introduction to impress a potential client. Analysts estimate it takes between four and seven contacts to connect with a client and make a sale. After all, a sale is not an event, but a process. Let this introduction letter work for you to show to your potential client why you are the best choice for his/her real estate needs. Example #1 Subject: Allow Me To Introduce Myself Dear [NAME], I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with a few details on the realty services I provide. My name is [NAME], and I am a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] with [COMPANY]. I am local and take great pride in our community and in serving my clients and neighbors. When asking around, you will find that [COMPANY] is highly respected, and we have earned our clients’ respect through many years of personal service in this community. No question or concern is too demanding, for we constantly research the latest market conditions and finance options. As your [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER], you can be confident that I will always put forth extra effort whether assisting you with the purchase of a new property, the sale of present property, or providing local information to new residents and businesses. With the resources of the most respected company in this area at my disposal, I can assist you in making your property ownership goals a reality. Call me at [PHONE] as soon as you can. You may also visit my website at [WEB ADDRESS] for additional information on the services I can provide. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 2. The Appointment Letter. No question about it—even in today’s digital age, the face-to-face meeting is still the heat-beat of any real estate professional’s success. Individual appointments and showings are where clients are won, deals are closed, and properties are sold. Prospects want to see a face and get a sense of who you are. But before you can win them over in person, set the appointment. And once you’ve met, follow-up communications are an essential component of client relationships. And then there are the inevitable unforeseen demands that occasionally cause cancellation or rescheduling. And that’s where the following letter comes in. Want to make sure a change in plans doesn’t result in no meeting at all? Was your arrival unavoidably delayed? I’ve got you covered. Whether it’s requesting an appointment, reminding the prospect of the scheduled time, or following up on a promising meeting, I can write artfully composed letters to suit your particular need to build momentum and keep it going to a successful conclusion. In the example below, I’ll share with you the “Request An Appointment Following A Cold Call” template. Template Example #2 Subject: Request An Appointment Following A Cold Call Dear [NAME], Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to speak with me on [DATE]. I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to speaking with you again. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet in person so we can discuss and review your real estate needs in more detail. Again, thank you for your time. I am looking forward to meeting with you at your convenience. You may reach me at [PHONE] or by email at [EMAIL]. I also have a website at [WEB ADDRESS] where you can get even more information about my services. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 3. The Buyer's Letter. Every time someone inquiries about one of your listings, it creates an opportunity for you. Make sure you record their contact information, then follow up with this prospecting letter to show the many ways in which you can improve their home buying experience. Also, it has never been easier to maintain a friendly, professional relationship with your client. The client buyer's letters can take you through the entire buyer process, from the initial consultation and first appointment to the follow up after closing. From thank-you letter to closing reminders, your ability to communicate well will allow you to shine from beginning to end. Long after the sale is finished, your clients will remember your genuine, caring tone and professional attitude every step of the way. Template #3 Client - Asking For Testimonial Letter Dear [NAME], I was just looking at a new property that reminded me somewhat of yours and wondered how you were doing. It’s hard to believe that [NUMBER] months have gone by since you bought your new home! Whoever said “time flies” sure knew what they were talking about! I hope the world has been treating you well since last we spoke, and this note finds you comfortably settled in to your new life at [PROPERTY ADDRESS]. I really appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to help you find your new home and hope I get the chance to assist you again in the future. While a significant part of my business is due to positive word-of-mouth, many potential clients don’t know me very well. In these cases, the potential client has very little to go on beyond first impressions and testimonials. When I thought of you, it occurred to me you might send me a brief testimonial that I could quote in my marketing materials. I totally understand if you are too busy, but if you have the time, I would certainly appreciate your help. Once more, let me thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your real estate needs. It was truly my pleasure, and you have my best wishes for a wonderful life in your new home. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 4. Expired Listing Prospect Letter. Expired listing letters can provide a wealth of potential clients. Farming expired listings is a brilliant marketing strategy. These letters targeting expired listings enables you to make an introduction and explain why you are the best choice for his/her real estate needs. Example #4 Subject: A Seasoned Professional Adds Value To The Sale Dear [NAME], I noticed that the listing for your property expired recently, and I was a little disappointed in you. Let me take a moment to explain why. Selling one of your most valuable assets is a big decision and one that calls for the help of a well-seasoned professional. I have several properties listed in your area and I know that each one of my clients has high expectations for a successful marketing strategy that will lead to the sale of their property. As a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER], I invest much of my time seeking ways to add value to the sale of your home. Marketing an investment such as yours requires far more than adding a listing and sticking a sign on the lawn. The [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] that you select should present you, the client, with a well-designed marketing strategy that will help ensure that your plan goes smoothly. I reviewed your previous listing and have driven by your property. I would like to meet to discuss the sale process with you. I feel certain that I can offer several options that will enhance the marketability of your home should you choose to renew your listing with me. Please contact me soon. We can work together to provide you with a solution-based marketing strategy that will produce the results you hoped to achieve when you initially listed your property for sale. I can assure that the time we invest together will be productive and that my expertise and experience will be of significant benefit to you. I have a proven track record as a seasoned [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] and have closed many properties in your area when others failed to achieve the results previously promised their clients. I look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me on my cell phone at [PHONE] to arrange a convenient meeting time. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 5. The FSBO Prospecting Letter. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings can provide a wealth of new contacts and potential clients for the tactful real estate professional who understands the challenges and offers FREE tips and helpful insights. There is no limit in the series of letters targeting FSBO listings, and I designed them to help you make a gracious introduction and establish that all important first contact by presenting useful information on everything from marketing tips to organizing for an upcoming move. Why not establish that relationship so you will be the name they remember when their strategy changes? The letter below is one such example that showcases your expertise in a friendly and professional manner; opening the door by offering FREE No Cost/No Obligation marketing help that they haven’t heard from anyone else before. Example #5 Subject: A Master Negotiator On Their Behalf Dear [NAME], I recently noticed that you are listing your property as an FSBO. While I fully understand the desire to save money on the commission, there are many pitfalls even the most talented amateur home seller should beware of. One area that can cause individuals trying to sell their own home the most grief is the negotiating and closing process. As an experienced [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER], I have successfully negotiated more home sales than I can count over the years, and I have some tips for you.
  • Before you talk to any prospective buyer, know what to say, what not to say, and be prepared for potential questions.
  • If a prospect calls while you’re at work or away from the phone, learn how to call them back without placing yourself in a poor bargaining position.
  • Determine the motivation of the buyer, as the buyer’s motivation will dictate how you negotiate.
  • Make sure you’re talking to a qualified buyer and not someone who can’t afford your home.
  • Employ the voice and demeanor for every situation.
  • Don’t take things personally, even if the prospective buyer talks about tearing out the wall of your favorite room.
  • Know how to react to offers and make counteroffers.
  • Make sure you understand every step of the sales process, from initial offer to closing.
  • Real estate transactions are complex, and any misstep could cost you the sale.
I base much of what makes an excellent negotiator on temperament, intuition, and experience, which are not things you can do much about during one home sale. But successful negotiating also depends on preparation and knowledge. If you familiarize yourself with the fine points of what I’ve outlined above, you’ll improve your chances of getting the best possible price for your home. And should you decide, you could benefit from the expertise and skills of a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] with a proven track record of success. I’m only a phone call away. You can reach me at [PHONE]. Regards, [NAME] [TITLE] 6. The Open House letter. Open houses are a prime opportunity to increase the foot traffic through a property. As a REALTOR®, your success in part will be determined by the success of your open houses. Use this letter to increase traffic and to follow up after the tour. Example #6 Subject: Neighbor Open House Invitation Dear [NAME], I would like you to be my guest at the Open House I’m hosting in your neighborhood. [ADDRESS] [DATE] [TIME] Bring along a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee while you view this lovely home. This would be a great opportunity for you to invite someone who would make the perfect new neighbor for you! I will be on hand to answer questions about this home. And while you are there, feel free to bring up any other real estate questions you may have. Real estate is my passion and I love helping people with their real estate questions—even when they aren’t looking to buy a home! Post this on your refrigerator so you won’t forget... I’ll see you at the Open House! Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 7. The Home Staging Letter. Staging a home, or showing it off to highlight every asset, doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. It’s something every home seller can do on any budget. And almost every real estate professional will agree: a carefully staged home spends less time on the market and is a pleasure to show! Again, there is no limit to the kind of staging letters you can write, but they need to offer friendly tips, advice, and proven methods to make every home more marketable. One of the toughest obstacles agents have is sitting down with a homeowner and telling them the truth about cleanliness, odors, paint color choices, worn carpet and furniture arrangements—and many other sales-killing disasters! This is one such letter that can help you avoid those awkward conversations. Example #7 Subject: Create Appeal By Maximizing Space And Minimizing Clutter Dear [NAME], Staging your home is an excellent way to make it as market-friendly as possible! When professional stagers first look at a home, one of the first things they notice is what needs to be removed. They know that the bigger a room looks, the more attractive it will be to buyers. Great staging means taking away, as much as it means adding to or changing a room. If clutter is a problem, buyers are distracted—they notice the disorder when they should see the beautiful features of your home. I thought you’d enjoy a few de-cluttering tips from the pros... they’ve come in handy for me and many homeowners over the years. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] 8. The Handling Tough Question & Comments Letter. In today’s tough economy and tougher housing market, you’re likely to encounter a slew of difficult situations when dealing with clients or potential clients who are frustrated because they can’t sell their properties as quickly or as profitably as a few years ago. That’s why I enjoy crafting real estate marketing letters, designed to help clients deal with disgruntled clientele. Whether your problem clients are unreasonably impatient, irrationally determined to ask for a price their home won’t sell for, or trying to convince you to reduce your commission, the following is one such letter to help you address their concerns and convince them you remain their best option for selling their property in a timely and profitable manner. Example #8 Subject: I Don’t Need An Agent To Sell My Home Dear [NAME], You recently mentioned that you prefer to sell your home without the benefit of a real estate professional, because you know your home better than any [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] ever could. Obviously, this is true. But knowing what it is like to live in your home and knowing how to sell it — or any property—are entirely different things. So, before you commit to putting your home on the market as an FSBO, I’d love to sit down and go over a few important details with you. Why should you bother? For starters, did you know that on average, homeowners who sell their homes through a real estate agent or broker make substantially more money than those who sell as an FSBO? This is true even after the [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER]’s standard commission has been factored in, because that commission is tiny compared to the average sales price differential of 20%. That’s because selling a property is not only about knowing your home, but knowing how it compares to other, similar properties on the market. It’s about having the experience to understand what kind of advertising attracts the attention of the most desirable buyers. It’s about knowing how to present a property to maximize curb appeal. It’s about understanding the psychology of the individual homebuyer and that the aspect of your property your prospective buyer finds most interesting might be something you never think about. And it’s also about pricing. Most FSBOs are priced incorrectly. They either sell for too little to begin with or are initially overpriced and linger on the market for ages before it decimated the asking price. As a professional specializing in your area, I have access to resources not available to the public, allowing me to set the right price to achieve a speedy sale at top dollar. So please, call me, and we can arrange a time to sit down and discuss how I can get you the results you want. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] BONUS–REAL ESTATE GREEN LIVING LETTER Maintenance–Green Living Letters. I designed this letter to help you develop and maintain a lasting relationship with your former clients. This will show your dedication to excellent service and will keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds when it’s time for them to make referrals! Example #9 Subject: Buying Local & Organic Hi [NAME], I recently have been making efforts to live a greener life, and I have also been trying to help support my clients in doing so as well. I thought you might be interested in some tips that I’ve found very informative about local and organic products. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your valued business, and I am always available if you or someone you know should need my expertise as a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER]. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE] HEADLINE: BUYING LOCAL AND ORGANIC We have all heard that buying local foods is good for the environment and that organic products are good for our health, but there are many other ways that you can go local and organic! Here are some great tips on finding both local and organic foods, as well as other products. Visit your local farmers’ market. Most communities offer at least a monthly market and talking to farmers is a great way to learn about the benefits of buying seasonal produce. Look for local and organic produce in your local supermarket. If they don’t carry a wide selection, expressing an interest in these products may get your grocer to purchase them. Organics and local produce are definitely more expensive. But there are several organic food brands on the market which make purchasing all organic foods easier and cheaper. Purchasing organic and local meat, poultry, and eggs is a great way to support the ethical treatment of animals, sustainable farming methods, and the environment. They taste great, too! There are a growing number of lines of cosmetics and toiletry products that are made using organic products. Sometimes you can even find organic products that are made by local producers. If you have a garden on your property, then consider going all organic. Using organic gardening methods for both foods and flowers is a great way to learn more about your plants and is good for the earth they call home. When purchasing new clothes, look for fabrics made of organic materials such as organic cotton. Try to only purchase items that were made here at home as well. It helps support both the planet and the local economy. Clearing Your Clutter, The Green Way Hello [NAME], As you are one of my most valued clients, I am always on the lookout for information that may be useful to you and your family. I recently came across an impressive set of tips on organizing your home in an environmentally friendly way. As a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER] I know that most homeowners, myself included, can benefit from tips on organization—and learning how to do it the green way is even better! I hope you find these tips as useful as I did, and I would like to remind you I am always available should you need the professional advice or services of a [REALTOR®/AGENT/BROKER]. Thank you for your business and continued support. Sincerely, [NAME] [TITLE]


P.S: If you are interested in creating your real estate marketing letters or putting an email marketing strategy or campaign in place for yourself or your real estate agents, I invite you to have a conversation. Whether we work together, I am confident our call will be full of insights and actionable steps that can help on your path to success. Here is a link to my calendar https://letsmeet.io/delroywhyte-hall1/30-minute-consultation, please pick a time that works best for you