Here is how to better protect your real estate business from Cyber-Thieves

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However, the following quick tips to keep you cyber-thieves, viz-av-viz ‘cyber-criminals at bay:

1. Set guidelines or policies, so your real estate company’s products and processes are encrypted or protected

2. Online sellers, beware! The advent of the Internet means that you have zero control over those attempting to steal your business data

To keep your reputation intact, you need to get started with Real Estate and Cybersecurity best practices. First, don’t let your records be stolen. Regardless of your business or sales size, here are tips to keep your system running without keeping your guests or salespeople as busy as possible.

5. Send out periodic system maintenance checks or check for any changes to your business’s data centers or tech support center

If you are not using encryption and any changes to your system would make your data vulnerable, please send out periodic system maintenance checks. For IT support and vendors, follow their company’s recommended policy or procedures.

4. Report every possible lost or stolen data asset

This is a must if your company is online. When you lose, you lose everything. With nearly 400 million people going online, the likelihood of this happening to you is high if your business isn’t protected.

3. Report all problems promptly

You want to make sure your fellow shareholders are informed of any issues surrounding your business. Also, each person needs to have the confidence of knowing that when an issue comes to light, it will be dealt with quickly and professionally. The team of property managers that handle the day-to-day operations of your business need to know about the recent problem at the property so that they can assist you.

2. Secure your computer’s firewall

This is a must for any business that may be moving its IT infrastructure to a new location.

1. Agree to a third-party monitoring service

The price will vary from vendor to vendor, but one of the best ways to stay safe from a serious data security breach is to agree to have a third party monitor your operations. If you fall prey to a cyberattack, then the hacking software will be able to go back through your system to collect evidence of your security weaknesses.

Protecting your data with Real Estate and Cybersecurity best practices is your best bet for keeping your business up and running online.


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