What is the best real estate public relations tool?

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The use of social media is growing at a startling rate among real estate professionals.

    How to use it effectively to set your company apart from its competition and educate customers. A study done by our sister company, Trulia, did just that.

    When compared to the industry as a whole, senior editors reviewed more than 100,000 blog posts to find the ones that really push the envelope.


    Beyond using social media properly, Trulia analysts are encouraged to visit sites and specific communities based on ZIP codes they believe will deliver the most return on investment. They have done that for more than four years, finding a way to find the best cities to open new, lucrative markets.

    A typical blog post for Trulia and their affiliated sites focuses on sales trends for specific real estate categories or sub-sectors, providing visitors with a preview and information on “home values, building habits, maintenance and pest control, and potential homebuying and selling benefits.”

    Many real estate professionals depend on monthly reports to provide specifics regarding property value changes, years old listings, appraisals, and other subject matters important to clients.

    Most would consider a blog to be the best PR tool for improving their company.

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