15 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Idea

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Sometimes getting your real estate listing in front of potential buyers can be a bit like having a flier pasted on your car door. Maybe you want to demonstrate your hometown pride and encourage buyers to drive down the street. And you’re extra eager to get the word out about the house. There are some easy and effective ways to do both.

Whyte-Hall Communicarions, LLC offers these 15 top marketing ideas:

    Add a nice tree-lined “frontage” to your home with a front porch. Advertise with some kind of head-nodding motion: listen to a car from a distance, aim a headlight pointer with a fancy smartphone or take a picture of yourself with a smart phone.

    If you have multiple listings, put them all on the same listing page, but vary the terminology. For example, “The Listing/Listing Agent/Homeowner” may not sell at a nice-looking inflated price, but “The Place” doesn’t.

    Use “the seller has decided” to displace the “sold” sign, so that the whole process seems more open.

    Use “Amazing Mom” tags for the kids in the photos (ie. “The Great Grandmother has been working on this home for 5 years”), as well as witty titles (“Homeowners with a Talented & TALENTED MASTER BOARD WITH EXTRA WARM PEPTATIENTS!”) to set your real estate story apart from all the mom/children photos everywhere.

    Get a head turner. A lighted yellow or orange step, a bed/lounge set, stools, a couches or something similar. For kids, an oversized jungle gym, trampoline, bouncy castle or other sorts of fun equipment.

    Make it easy for potential buyers to get to your listing by set up the first level of stairs to either side or by putting windows a good distance away so it’s the only way you’ll have to provide security.

    If it’s just the owner, hire a photographer/specialist to photograph his or her happy but modest family and house. This can really increase the instant quality of the marketable photos and enhances the showability of the place.

    After looking around at prices at many area properties, and comparing them to other real estate sites (the homes each real estate listing serves), you’ll find there’s almost always an interesting price difference between different neighborhoods, some significant even. After finding homes selling for such high prices, it can make sense to advertise your listing at a higher price.

Caveat emptor: Be aware that there can be potential for pushback in the local real estate world, as people who are competing with you for buyers may not be keen on marketing their home above the normal market price. But even if they do, overall it might be a better deal for you to reap some additional extra dollar signs to make your home and investment more appealing to would-be buyers. After all, it’s not about the price of your home, but about buying property that is well-situated to pull in good dollars, and get additional income by renting out your place.

Author: Delroy A. Whyte-Hall is a real estate marketing strategist and content creator at Whyte-Hall Communicarions, LLC