3 Easy Ways to Promote Open Houses on Facebook

Thanks to an influx of recent visitors, even if your house is on the local blah register, you can drive its traffic up by using Facebook to publicize your open house.


Before doing so, you should get the floor plan of your house right, and you should also know exactly how many people will want to see it at open house time. This means posting the correct number of postcards or fliers and letting everyone know in advance what to expect from your open house, when it’s happening, how long it’ll last, what you’ll have going on, and so on.

If your house isn’t on the local blah (especially if it’s still being remodeled), you might want to take a minute to highlight the current neighborhood or “hot spots” you want potential buyers to know about before open house. Most open houses are unique, but if you can find a location or other attribute about your property that’s common and similar to the property next door, it can help you promote your home in that area, especially if your house is in a commonly known location.

In practice, what makes for the best Facebook promotion of an open house depends on how many of your Facebook friends are also interested in your property. But whether you have 20 or 200 “friends,” you should definitely do Facebook-bashing, to get all your friends excited about your home open house. By repeating something vague and maybe even boring (e.g., “we have large windows and deep vaulted ceilings”), you’ll get your friends excited about your house and the people going to see it. And with that, you’ll also get your friends excited about promoting your open house on Facebook, too.

So here are some easy ways to manage the Facebook-bashing to promote your open house and make it big on Facebook.