Charge PR Advice To Your PayPal Account – “PR & Publicity” Consultation for New Business Service!

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Want to run a slick, sophisticated publicity campaign just like the big guys, but without the big budget? Well, now you can, according to top online public relations and content creation expert Delroy A. Whyte-Hall of Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC.

“Regardless of the size of your business or your pocketbook, now you can launch the kind of multimedia publicity campaign that will get your name, company, or website the high visibility it needs to succeed,” says Whyte-Hall.

Whyte-Hall notes that “many business and professional people, particularly entrepreneurs, neither need nor want to retain a full-time public relations agency or practitioner. What they need is good, workable nuts-and-bolts advice to preparing and executing well-rounded publicity programs.”

That’s why Delroy, who’s head of the leading online PR consultancy Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC, has created the PR & Publicitya Consultancy Zoomline. Conducted via ZOOM, the consultancy allows anyone with a PR (publicity, press release creation, crisis management, media relations, community relations, social media, etc.) question or problem to tap into. You can charge the service to their PAYPAL account.

At $90 for the first 30-minutes, $150.00 for up to an hour, Delroy says, “a lot of concrete analysis, information, and advice can be provided.”

While the focus is on print, online, radio, and TV publicity, the public relations consultant promises to steer clients to the nearly limitless publicity opportunities available in familiar places, as well as many other places in which they never thought to look.

“The emphasis will be on getting clients the publicity they need at little or no cost.” Notes Delroy. He been dispensing advice and service to individuals, small entrepreneurs, and business operations for more than ten years. As a former multi-award-winning journalist, he’s today a very well-respected and admired practicing public relations practitioner, publicist, content strategist, and PR writer.

CONTACT: Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, Public Relations Strategists/Writer | Phone: 240-979-2011 | WHYTE-HALL COMMUNICATIONS, LLC.