Teen prodigy Chouzarré releases first project Beauty & the Beat

Tampa, Florida (April 21,2018)-  Having moved from Canada to the United States in 2017, budding artist Chouzarré has already created a cult following amongst young music listeners. Industry professionals such as Bryan Tyson coin her sound as a mix between Beauty and the Beast after hearing hit single, La la la, which ultimately became an inspiration to the title of her EP Beauty & the Beat.

Aiming to create innovative music, she describes her sound as “ Trap R&B”, commonly known as Hip-hop Soul. Her hard-hitting lyrics sung with her unique soft vocals make her music an enteral experience for listeners.The talented 19 year old wrote, and directed the EP herself. Each song presents a fresh and current take on conventional R&B, meanwhile exhibiting her unique elements as an artist.

More detail about Chouzarré and her latest EP can be seen on the artist’s website.www.chouzarre.com

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