Fit Tracker Bracelet-IP67… Is It The Best Fitness Tracker for You?

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Is the line between fitness trackers and smartwatches will ever get blurred? Your guess is as good as mine, as a log more companies continue to roll out more full-featured wearables – all made to provide both health and communications.

That said, if you are desperately searching for a THE BEST FITNESS TRACKER FOR YOU, one that you can take IT EVERYWHERE, MONITOR your HEART RATE AND SLEEP pattern, is ALWAYS CONNECTED, and provide GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY, then you have got to check out this new Fitness Bracelet sold by CLASS AND STYLE and fulfilled by Amazon.

The newly released Fit Tracker Bracelet-IP67, comes chock full of features to include:

·        Waterproof

·        Anti-Lost

·        Pedometer

·        Touch Control

·        Alarm Clock

·        Reminders-Perfect Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring, and

·        Works on iOS, Android and Bluetooth devices

It promises to motivate you to be more active, track your calories, or even keep a log of your sleep patterns, and you’ll probably be surprised by the amount of choice this fitness bracelet provides you.

Now, let check out the many features of this new waterproof, anti-lost, pedometer, touch control, alarm clock, reminders-perfect heart rate & sleep monitoring fitness bracelet that’s also designed to work with both Android and Bluetooth devices.

THE BEST FITNESS TRACKER FOR YOU: Focus on your health and keep track of your health and activity records such as how many steps you’ve taken during the day or the distance covered and how many calories you’ve burnt, all in one simple device: The Fitness bracelet.

TAKE IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU: The best part about the fitness bracelet is that it is so easy to wear it around all day, you won’t even notice it. Monitoring your health has never been as easy and practical as now, coming with features like anti-lost, pedometer, touch control, alarm clock, reminders, heart rate &sleep monitoring

MONITORING THE HEART RATE AND SLEEP: The two biggest health issues the modern society faces are connected to the heart rate and the amount and quality of sleep we get every night. If you are worried about those indices or simply want to invest in your health, then the fitness bracelet is all the accessory you need.

ALWAYS CONNECTED: We have integrated many health options on the fitness bracelet, but we have also made it more resistant: it is waterproof and anti-lost so you never have to worry about it. Also, we believe that the touch control function makes it more adaptable to your needs.

GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY: The fitness bracelet is designed for the modern everyday active person: it is compatible with iOS, Android and Bluetooth so you can plug it in every day, never worrying about the battery.

This new Fit Tracker Bracelet-IP67, priced at $26.99, is being sold by CLASS AND STYLE and Fulfilled by Amazon, which provides free shipping.