“All This and Heaven Too: Tough Jewel Exceptionally Beautiful Better Lifestyle” by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie

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The recently released book, All This and Heaven Too!, did a fantastic job in shattering the myth that a ‘wonderfully Better Lifestyle’ is only for the materially rich.

It also further:

Finally, but not least, it links 3P philosophies (Patience, Perseverance, Persistence) for superabundance living.

All this and heaven too, authored by Dr. Wanjiru Gachie, not only breaks myths and shatters boundaries that a better and happier lifestyle is just for the materially rich. It allows the readers to see beyond the presumptions that a ‘wonderfully Better Lifestyle’ can only be achieved by the rich people. It defies that a superabundant life is only a once off occurrence and helps the readers in seeing the life as it is in a new light.

Dr. Gachie brilliantly explains how religious dogmas do not make a precious jewel of God and confronts the notion that only a few people can be extraordinary. Through this book, she helps the readers in understanding the beauty of life and what are the principles that they can follow to achieve a better and happier lifestyle despite their financial condition. Unlike the general religious belief that Heaven is the ultimate place to enjoy and be happy, she presents a view that people can enjoy their current life and beyond equally which is why she called the book ‘All this and heaven too’.

From the Author

The book assists the reader in applying Christ’s ASK principle to achieve a victorious lifestyle. It also rejects the belief that enjoying wealth on earth from heaven is not a birth-right. By challenging the notion that physical transformation, toughness, and participation in fitness competitions is only for a selected few, the book helps the reader in achieving their goals in a better way. It’s a happiness-inducing book that inspires the reader to explore their full potential and use it to create the life of their dreams. Dr. Wanjiru has intuitively explained the difference between worldly and Godlike complete joy, super-abundant wealth, perfect peace and inexplicable love. She links the 3P’s principles of patience, perseverance, persistence for achieving abundance in life.