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Maui County-Based Real Estate Investors Can Benefit from Expert Knowledge

Lanai City, Hawaii, United States of America – November 28th, 2017 – Hawaii has long been synonymous with surf and a laid-back attitude toward life, making it a popular place for people to purchase property. Galahad Investors, a real estate investment solutions company, is at the forefront of helping its clients to get the best possible deal, using cash only if required.


Galahad Investors is a real estate investment company based in Hawaii


Galahad Investors primarily operates in Maui County, but can also operate in Oahu and the Big Island if necessary. The firm is already gaining a reputation for its swift deals, which they can close in just seven days.

“Among the other founders of Galahad Investors, we started this venture because we saw the effect that dire financial situations can bring to families first-hand,” said Christian Galapon, a key figure at Galahad Investors.

“Through these difficult personal experiences, we quickly came to understand that real property investment was the best method for real people to make money, especially those seeking to sell their property quickly in exchange for hard cash. Our stipulation is that our clients must have equity, or we can assume their liens and debts if they do not have equity.”

The company, which was established in July 2017, graduated to an online presence just three months later in October, where it is quickly gaining recognition from people wishing to invest in Hawaii’s real estate marketplace.

As the Bank of Hawaii decreased its holdings in Ventas, Inc, selling 8,705 shares and reducing their stake to $1.30m as the global REIT industry giant continues to flounder – but the news does not impact on the healthy sellers’ market as mortgage interest rates remain at historic lows and buyers continue to compete for the shortage of housing stock across the islands.

For many speculators on the marketplace, Galahad Investors’ approach offers the local expertise of an island-based real estate service, while leveraging its knowledge to aid clients in buying, selling, and renting homes while improving the neighborhoods through redevelopment work to boost capital gains over time.

For more information about Galahad Investors’ multiple real estate services, opening hours, and philosophy, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Christian Galapon at 415-662-0439 or email at

About Galahad Investors

Galahad Investors was founded in July 2017 and specializes in real estate investment. The company can close deals in just seven days and purchases properties “as-is.” It offers its clients multi-services and the ability to buy, sell, and wholesale properties in Hawaii. For more information, please visit Galahad Investor’s website.

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