Meet Kellee Anderson, The Professional Travel Concierge!

If you ask me whether you should take that trip, I’ll tell you straight up, yes, “Always take the trip”! As a travel conceirge, I my whole Life is defined by that simple phrase, “Always take the trip”! I am Kellee Anderson, and the owner of, and I just want to welcome you to my site. [gallery ids="4584,4586,4585" type="rectangular"] As a professional travel concierge, I have many years of experience working in various areas of the industry.  At one point of my life, I was a ramper (an airline industry baggage handler), then ticketing agent and at one point a pilot. I love every aspect of travel and discovering new adventures, from coming up with the trip idea, researching, booking, contacting other people who have traveled or experienced the adventure, performing the travel to retelling my experiences. Nevertheless, I do not seek to serve the needs of every traveler. The kind of Travelers I am interested in are those who exhibit an insatiable appetite for the love of research and the adventure of first-hand travel experiences. I like to consider them as “people living life with the doors and windows to their hearts wide open”. As a travel concierge, you’ll find me to be an Independent and loyal individual who:
  • understands all aspects of travel, from traveling as a young single lady, business travel, to now traveling with a young toddler. I understand that not all trips are created equal and that each person is looking for an experience.
  • always learning of new ways to make travel easier; and
  • truly wants everyone to have the best experience possible. I live in a resort town and I love to chat with the tourist and give them insider tips of the area.
My experience covers research before, during and after each travel experience, and a ticket agent, a travel agent, a ramper (an airline industry baggage handler), and a licensed commercial pilot… so I do know what happens on the other side of travel. I love technology and am awed at how it is transforming the travel industry, and personally and professionally, it has helped me do an unbelievable amount of business taking travelers around the world to their destination of choice. If you have a travel need and would like to discuss it with me, I invite you to send me an email at, and we’ll take it from there. You can trust me, as I have a passion for travel, and I am excited to share my life lessons, travel checklists, and insider tips with you.