Need an “About Me/Us” page for your website?

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Need an “about me/us” page for your website?

We can write an inspiring 150-300-word “About Me” (for your social media profile or blog) or “About Us” (for your websitepage for your website for $25.

Did you know that the “about” page is the second most popular one to be visited after the homepage?

Whether you are a writer, an artist, a business owner or a company – you will need a page on your website which describes you and your background. I can write this in a personal way with just a few facts from you or I can research your company and write it from information gathered online.

Either way, your clients will see you as a real person with plenty of inspirational skills to offer them.

Sometimes it is hard to be objective about yourself, so let us do that tricky task for you.

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