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Establish Yourself As The Expert To Your Customers with Articles

With Whyte-Hall Communications’ Real Estate Marketing Agent Article Writing service, you’ll always have a supply of professionally written articles at your disposal. We’ll help you write these articles so that you can showcase your knowledge and expertise and that will provide useful and fun information for your clients.

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Whether you just don’t have time to write weekly or monthly newsletters or you simply aren’t confident in your own writing ability, each of our expertly written articles we write for you will be packed with information and resources that you can use in any way you want.

You can add them to your newsletter or Web site, post them on your blog, or even use them as part of an email marketing campaign.

You tell use what type of article(s) you want written (see our real estate article list below as a guide), and we will write it/them, then YOU decide how best to use it/them as part of your successful marketing effort.

Here is a sample list of the articles we can write for you:

Home & Garden Articles

  • A Homeowner’s Toolkit
  • Attracting Birds To Your Backyard
  • Backyard Summer Entertainment Ideas
  • Build Your Own Deck – Choosing The Right Material
  • Building A Home Theater
  • Can A Bathroom Remodel Increase Your Home’s Value
  • Childproofing Your Home
  • Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Space
  • Clean Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day
  • Cleaning Tips And Tricks
  • Cut Your Cooling Costs With These Money-Saving Tips
  • De-Clutter Your Kitchen
  • Decorating For Men – Creating A Man-Friendly Space
  • Decorating For Small Spaces
  • Decorating Ideas For Boys’ Rooms
  • Decorating Ideas For Girls’ Rooms
  • Decorating With Plants
  • Defining Distinct Spaces In A Large Room
  • Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Tips
  • Family Three-Day Home Emergency Kit
  • Garage Sale Tips And Tricks
  • Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter
  • Give Your Front Porch A Style Makeover
  • Give Your Old Furniture New Life
  • Green Laundry Tips – Save Money And The Environment
  • Hanging Pictures 101
  • Home Safety Tips
  • Home Security Tips
  • Home Theater Tips And Tricks
  • Hot Decorating Tips
  • Hot Tub Purchasing Tips
  • How And When To Prune Roses
  • How To Care For Your Lawn
  • How To Choose The Perfect Grill
  • How To Start A New Garden
  • How To Successfully Set Up A Freshwater Aquarium
  • Ideas For Organizing Your Garage
  • Is A Pool Right For Your Property
  • Kid-Friendly Décor Adults Will Love
  • Landscaping Design Tips
  • Maintaining Air Quality In Your Home
  • Maintenance Tips For Your Home
  • Make Gardening A Family Affair
  • Mood Lighting With Tiki Torches
  • Patio Decor Ideas
  • Pet Safety In Your Home
  • Quick Décor Updates On A Budget
  • Safety Tips For Barbeque And Grilling
  • Sealing Your Windows And Doors Against Leaks
  • Setting Up A Home Office
  • Simple Ways To Add A Splash Of Color To Any Room
  • Solar Lighting For Your Yard
  • Start A Kitchen Herb Garden
  • Storage Ideas For Outerwear
  • Storage Solutions For Your Child’s Toys
  • Strategies To Reduce Dust In Your Home
  • Swimming Pool Safety Tips
  • Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move
  • Ten Things Every Gardener Should Know
  • The Best Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill
  • The Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products In Your Pantry
  • The Latest In Window Treatments
  • Tips For Choosing New Flooring
  • Tips On Saving Energy And Money At Home
  • Tips On Setting Up Your Outdoor Music System
  • Tips To Make Your Move Easier
  • Top Five Ways To Ruin Antiques
  • Unclutter Your Home In Ten Easy Steps
  • Use Flowers To Add Color To Your Home
  • Using Bright And Bold Paint Colors
  • Using Your Fireplace Safely
  • Water Features For Your Yard
  • Watering Your Lawn The Right Way
  • Ways To Make Your House Smell Good
  • Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bill
  • Your Home First Aid Kit – Ten Must Haves

Home Buying Articles

  • A Home For All Seasons – Year-Round Considerations
  • A Nice Home Or A Nice Neighborhood – Which Matters More
  • A Single Woman’s Guide To Homeownership
  • Benefits Of Home Ownership
  • Buying A Fixer-Upper – Are You Ready For The Work
  • Buying A Foreclosed Property – What You Should Know
  • Buying A Home Long Distance
  • Buying A Home That Can Grow With Your Family
  • Buying A Home With Bad Credit
  • Buying Verses Renting A Home
  • Buying Your First Home
  • Choosing A REALTOR You Can Trust
  • Crime Statistics – What You Need To Know About Your New Neighborhood
  • Earnest Money Deposit
  • Examining A Home Objectively – What Matters And What Doesn’t
  • Finding A Neighborhood With Great Schools
  • Finding Your Perfect Home
  • Getting To Know The Neighborhood Before Buying A Home
  • Hiring A Home Inspector
  • Home Buying Checklist
  • Home Buying Negotiating Tips
  • Home Listing Terms To Know
  • Home Warranty
  • Homeowner’s Associations – What You Need To Know
  • How Much House Do You Need
  • How Much Yard Do You Need
  • How To Handle A Bidding War
  • How To Handle A Motivated Seller
  • Is An Income Property Right For You
  • Making An Offer – Negotiating Your Buying Price
  • Negotiating Contract Contingencies From The Seller
  • Neighborhoods Undergoing Revitalization – Risks And Benefits Of Buying
  • Recognizing Risk Factors In A Property
  • Selecting Homeowners Insurance
  • Should You Consider A Condominium Or Townhome
  • The Perks Of New Construction
  • Things Needed After Purchasing A Home
  • Things To Consider About A Home’s Location
  • Things To Consider When Downsizing To A Smaller Home
  • Things To Take With You House Hunting
  • Tips For Finding Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods
  • Understanding Buyer Closing Costs
  • What A REALTOR Can Do For You As A Buyer
  • What Is A Property Survey What To Consider Before Buying An Older Property
  • When To Consider Raising Your Home Buying Budget

Home Selling Articles

  • Are Your Neighbors Affecting Your Home’s Value
  • Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home
  • Choosing A Selling REALTOR
  • Choosing The Right Listing Agreement
  • Closing Costs – Should You Agree To Pay Them
  • Creating Curb Appeal
  • Eight Things To Consider Before Listing
  • Five Steps To Holding A Successful Open House
  • Five Things You Should Put In Storage While Selling Your Home
  • Getting Your Home Ready To Sell
  • Home Seller Disclosure Obligations
  • Home Selling Checklist
  • Home Staging – Should You Hire A Professional
  • How Long Should You Keep Your Home On The Market
  • How Often Should You Hold An Open House
  • Marketing Tips
  • Negotiating With A Buyer
  • Pricing Your Home To Sell
  • Protecting Your Privacy While Your Home Is On The Market
  • Quick Clutter Fixes For Unexpected Showings
  • Quick Low Budget Fixes That Can Help Sell Your Home
  • Repairs To Make Before Selling Your Home
  • Sell Or Remodel – Which Is Right For You
  • Sell Your Home Fast – Five Tips To Get A Fast Sale
  • Selling A Home When You Have Kids
  • Selling A House With Pets At Home
  • Selling An Income Property – Things To Consider
  • Selling From A Distance
  • Selling Your Home – Why You Need A REALTOR
  • Selling Your Home During The Holidays
  • Selling Your Home In A Buyer’s Market – How To Maximize Your Profit
  • Short Sales – What They Are And How They Work
  • Should You Be Present During Showings
  • Should You Show An Empty Home
  • Simple Ideas To Make Your Home More Welcoming To Buyers
  • Staging An Open House That Won’t Cost You A Fortune
  • Ten Tips To Successfully Market Your Home
  • The Downside To A Sale By Owner
  • The Home Remodels That Will Most Increase Your Selling Price
  • Tips For Your Listing Photographs
  • Top Ten Home Showing Tips
  • What Are Lockboxes
  • What Season Is Best To Sell
  • When Is The Right Time To Reduce The Price
  • When Should You Accept A Low Bid
  • When To Cancel Your Homeowners Insurance

Financing Articles

  • A Reverse Mortgage – Is It Right For You
  • All About Home Equity Loans
  • Applying For A Joint Mortgage Loan With Your Spouse
  • Avoiding Mortgage Fraud
  • Balloon Payments – What They Mean To You
  • Bridge Financing – What Is It
  • Buying A Home With Past Credit Problems
  • Calculating Your Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • Can You Buy A Home With No Down Payment
  • Common Home Financing Terms Explained
  • Do You Really Need A Broker
  • Equity And Refinancing
  • FHA Loans – What They Are And Who Qualifies
  • Financing For New Construction
  • Finding A Mortgage Broker
  • Finding The Best Fit For Your Mortgage
  • Finding Your Credit Rating
  • First Time Buyer Loan Tips
  • Fixed Mortgage Vs. Variable Rates – Which Is Right For You
    Getting A Second Mortgage
  • How Much Can You Afford To Finance
  • How Much Cash Will You Need To Close
  • How Much House You Can Afford
  • How To Buy A Home With A Low Down Payment
  • Improving Your Credit To Get A Loan
  • Insurance / Property Taxes – Should You Add Them To Your Mortgage Payment
  • Interest Only Loans – What You Should Know
  • Negotiating An Owner Financing Purchase
  • Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster
  • Protect Yourself From Unexpected Mortgage Loan Adjustments
  • Recognizing Predatory Mortgage Lenders
  • Refinancing After Divorce
  • Shopping For The Best Home Loan
  • Step-By-Step Guide In Obtaining A Home Loan
  • Taking Advantage Of Low Interest Rates – Should You Refinance Your Mortgage
  • The Advantages Of Pre-Approval
  • Things You Need When Applying For A Home Loan
  • Tips For Getting Your Down Payment Faster
  • Tips For Qualifying For A Better Interest Rate
  • Types Of Home Loans
  • Understanding Interest Rates
  • Understanding The Closing Process
  • What Are Jumbo Loans
  • When You Should Consider Applying Singly Instead Of Jointly
  • Why You Should Avoid Subprime Lenders
  • Will You Qualify – What You Need To Get A Mortgage

Holiday Articles

  • A Mother’s Day Menu Your Kids Can Prepare
  • A St. Patrick’s Menu That Your Guests Will Enjoy
  • Budget Christmas Gifts For Teachers
  • Celebrating New Year’s With Young Children
  • Christmas Decorating Ideas
  • Christmas Light Safety Tips Christmas Morning Meals
  • Create A Romantic Dining Room For Valentine’s Day
  • Create A Spooky Yard For Halloween
  • Create Kid-Safe Jack O Lanterns
  • Creative Ways To Say I Love You On Valentine’s Day
  • Decorating For Christmas The Green Living Way
  • Decorating For Thanksgiving Using The Bounty Of The Season
  • Decorating For The Fourth Of July – Show Your Patriot Pride
  • Easy Easter Decorating Ideas
  • End Of Summer Labor Day Getaway Ideas
  • Fabulous Homemade Halloween Costumes
  • Father’s Day Gift Giving Ideas He’ll Love
  • Fun Father’s Day Surprises For Dad
  • Halloween Safety Tips
  • Hanukkah Decorating Ideas
  • Have Some Fun With Easter Eggs
  • Healthy Valentine’s Treats
  • Holiday Meal Ideas You Can Prepare Ahead Of Time
  • Homemade Christmas Decorations
  • Host A Chinese New Years’ Party
  • How To Host A Fun And Safe New Year’s Party
  • How To Make The Fourth Of July Fun For Kids
  • Indoor Egg Hunts For Rainy Easters
  • Is A Real Christmas Tree Right for You
  • Memorial Day Picnic Menu Ideas
  • Mother’s Day Brunch – Decorating And Menu Ideas
  • New Year’s Eve Decorating Ideas
  • Planning A Fun Fourth Of July Block Party
  • Planning The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt
  • Planning The Perfect Memorial Day Barbeque
  • Preparing Your Home For Holiday Guests
  • Safety Tips For Fourth Of July Fireworks
  • Simple Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make
  • St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For Family Fun
  • Thanksgiving Menu Ideas
  • The Right Christmas Wreath For Your Front Door
  • Tips For The Perfect Turkey
  • Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids
  • Veteran’s Day Ideas For Kids
  • Ways To Thrill Mom On Mother’s Day


  • Sample Real Estate Marketing Articles

See sample articles below:

  1. Home And Garden Article

Start A Kitchen Herb Garden

There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden to give your health and taste buds a treat. Starting a kitchen herb garden is a great and easy way to give your food the fresh taste of summer all year round, and it is easy and inexpensive, too!

Pick A Spot That Gets Good Light

Most herbs require a good amount of sunlight to grow, so choosing a spot where they get direct light is important to making sure your herbs flourish. If your kitchen doesn’t get sufficient light, consider moving your herbs to a room that gets better light or purchasing an indoor herb garden kit that has a grow lamp.

Choose A Good Selection Of Herbs

While there are great herb garden starter kits that offer a useful selection of herbs, if they are not herbs you use often in cooking they are probably not the best choice. Also be sure you choose herbs that are compatible with the kind of light available in your space.

Know The Right Conditions For Growth

As mentioned, herbs need a considerable amount of sunlight, but they also require rich moist soil to grow to their full potential. Having your indoor herb garden by the kitchen sink is ideal. Also, making sure the soil gets proper drainage by planting herbs in pots with draining holes and adding stones to the bottom can make a big difference.

To Fertilize Or Not

There are a number of resources on indoor herb gardens that recommend you use fertilizers to give your herbs the maximum growth potential. However, there are many great natural choices that will not affect the taste or nutritional value of your herbs, and are better for the environment.

A kitchen herb garden is a great way to boost the nutritional value and taste of your food, and will bring some of summer’s taste and feel into your home all year!

Home Buying Article

Buying A Home That Can Grow With Your Family

If you are a first time homeowner, or are purchasing a home after a major life change such as marriage or having children, what should you consider to be sure your new home can grow with your changing family? The time and effort that go into purchasing and decorating a new home, not to mention finding it in the first place, means that you’ll want to ensure that your home will be right for you and your family for years to come. So what should you look for in your new home so that it will give you enjoyment and be functional both now and in the future?


Though a cute two-bedroom home may be right for a newlywed couple, this type of space will likely soon be outgrown if there are any children in your future or if you and your spouse like to entertain. You will also want to consider the number of bathrooms and the facilities in them. Having only one toilet or shower can certainly put stress on a growing family.


Special features of a home, such as a finished basement, central air, and a large yard can make your home a more functional and enjoyable space, especially if you have or are considering starting a family in the near future. You may also want to consider the age of the home you purchase and its features or appliances, as this may lead to future costs that may put stress on your financial situation at a time when one spouse may be at home caring for the children.


Location is also an important consideration when choosing a home that can grow with your family. Choosing a safe neighborhood is always an important point when selecting a family home, but you will also want to consider the proximity of good schools, community centers, and shopping. Also, facilities such as parks and libraries can make a neighborhood truly a great place for families. You may also want to consider the demographics of the area in which you are purchasing in order to be sure it is a match with your values.

As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is, and choosing a family home that is right for your family can really make all the difference in having a happy, fulfilling, and safe family life.

  • Establish Yourself As The Expert To Your Clients With Articles!

With Whyte-Hall Communications’ expertly written real estate articles, you’ll be saving time and money while also letting more potential clients get to know the experienced, knowledgeable, and informative real estate professional you are.

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