Media Tips: Is It Your Job To Get Press?

I've been spending time this week talking about working with the press on my social media, and I wanted to make sure I share this with you, as well. One thing I tell every client is that it's not their job to get press. I don't care if they're the PR person for their company, or trying to get in the paper themselves - their job isn't to get press. So what is your job? Your job, simply put, is to make a journalist happy. Let's face it; Lately, journalists are being asked to do ten times more with five times less. The tide has turned against the media in a way never before seen. It's scary out there, for a reporter. Your job is to help them buck that trend. Your job is to help a journalist do theirs. Give them good information, help them get what they need, give them a story they've never had before, an idea never before presented... Help them do their jobs, and they'll get you the press you're seeking. Make the journalist happy, and they'll make you happy by default. Do you remember a time you've helped a reporter and made them happy? I'd love to hear about it. Hit comment and let me know. - Delroy (theprwriter) at