An Open PR Letter to Small Business Owners

Stop procrastinating! Start your Public Relations (PR) campaign NOW and save hundreds of dollars and get the exposure and attention you need. Click HERE [] today! If you're a small business owner, you probably look at your competitors' sites often just to keep tabs on them. [Note that I get a lot of people stopping me here to say "competitors' sites" is wrong and it should be "competitor's sites." Actually, I'm right as it is plural possessive of "competitors." That's why it's important to have an experienced proofreader review your press release.] Back to keeping tabs on competitors. I do the same thing, and recently I saw something disturbing on a competitor's website. This particular page was touting the company's copywriting and editing services. Here's the line ... "Would you ty to comunicate with someone ..." That's right. "ty" and "comunicate". On the page detailing the company's wonderful writing and editing services, there's more tha a typo! It's downright carelessness, not paying attention to detail Here at, we recommend that you select a service that offers professional press release copywriting with at least two levels of editorial review to catch all mistakes. Our Press Release Review assures that two levels of editorial review will be provided for your press release, catching any obvious blunders or mistakes. Every day, respectable companies make embarrassing mistakes in their ad copy. Apparently, even some press release services make these mistakes. If this is happening to you, you can  STOP Now! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.... Delroy A. Whyte-Hall Founder & President Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC Phone: 240-707-0769