The Facing Page announces the launch of quality and affordable translation and editorial services for ESL scientists and scholars

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Translation and editorial services provider, The Facing Page, celebrates its official launch with free translation of the first 1500 words on each client’s document!

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, February 1, 2017 – The Facing Page recently announced an offer of free translation for the first 1500 words of each client’s document as part of the plans to announce the official launch of its translation and editorial services.

The Facing Page is a startup, providing editorial and translation services particularly to non-native English speaking scientists and scholars, helping them share their discoveries and research to a greater audience across the globe. The Facing Page is comprised of a team of experienced and expert translators and editors that will translate and edit any text from French, Spanish and Japanese into publishable and readable English.

The Facing Page translates, proofreads, and edits contents from a thesis, PowerPoint, C.V., websites, and manuscript from French, Japanese, and Spanish into readable and publishable English with prompt delivery and excellent feedback process.

Over the years, The Facing Page has worked with different international institutions young researchers and seasoned academics that cut across different fields that include Social sciences and humanities, Neuroscience and cognitive science, and Biological Sciences.

The professionalism and effectiveness of the team have stood them out from the crowd, with the provision of top-notch translation and editorial services at remarkably affordable rates and accolades have already started to pour in from different quarters.

“I cannot overstate the seriousness and professionalism of The Facing Page Editorial and Translation Services. Their translation and proofreading services are of the highest quality”, Dr. Damiano Matasci, an Assistant Professor and SNF Ambizione Fellow at the Institute for Political, Historical and International Studies, University of Lausanne said.

Dr. Jan Verpooten, a Postdoctoral researcher in behavioral ecology and ecophysiology, also said “The Facing Page does more than merely edit your text: they devote themselves to getting your message across as clearly as possible. I’ve made use of their services several times in the past and I will do so again because they really do a great job.”

About The Facing Page

The Facing Page is a Translation and editorial startup headquartered in New York and dedicated to helping non-native English researchers and scientists reach a wider audience by translating, proofreading, and editing science thesis, manuscripts and other such texts into readable and publishable English.