Spotlight: Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC Provides PR Services for $99 a Month

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Hagerstown, MD- based consultancy helps small businesses succeed with public relations!

After noticing that most marketing firms were offering all kinds of services, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall decided to focus on a specific niche with Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC, which helps guys and gals that run their small businesses with multi-media public relations campaign that gets entrepreneurs and small businesses the high visibility they needs to succeed. ”

And even though public relations has become a huge part of small business marketing and promotion, it does have to take up all your time, energy or budget. And that’s the reason why Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC had decided to provide affordable multi-media public relations solutions, particularly for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What the Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC Does?

Provides public relations solution to small business clients.

Owner and former multi-award-winning journalist and public relations consultant Delroy A. Whyte-Hall told The Business Beast, “Since 2009, Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC has provided affordable public relations services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and micro-business owners across the Caribbean and the US.”

The Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC Business Niche?

Providing an affordable public relations copywriting option for entrepreneur and small businesses…

Whyte-Hall explains, “Our affordable public relations plan is only $99 per month and provides for research, writing, and distribution of four (4) press releases per month across free and paid online press release distribution platforms. We find the content, working in concert with the client of course, to research, write, distribute and provide metrics on our progress. We don’t require any contracts. Clients can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. With this plan, we also provide unlimited consulting via Skype, Facebook, email or phone.”

How the Whyte-Hall Communications, LLC Got Started?

Established in 2009 to provide entrepreneurs, macro, small, medium-sized businesses, and start-ups affordable communications solutions, Whyte-Hall Communications is a virtual-based international boutique corporate communications consultancy specializing in providing dynamic copy writing for public relations, publicity, newsletters, and blogs.

Our focus it to use practical solutions and strategies to help businesses enhance reputations, create awareness, build relationships, drive sales and incorporate proactive crisis management. Our number-one goal is help you with promoting and publicizing your business, raising your image and profile, and forming strategic alliances.

While the focus is on print publicity, we’ll get you exposure in radio, TV, on the Internet, and steer you to the nearly limitless publicity opportunities available in both familiar and unfamiliar places you never thought to look. Emphasis is on getting you the publicity you need on an affordable budget.

Biggest Win

Helping a numerous businesses in different niche markets…

Whyte-Hall says, “There have been many wins, but I think my biggest win so far has been the number of small businesses we’ve been able to help with online publicity and copywr0iting services. Whyte-Hall has worked with hundreds of small business owners around the world, including ones in the Caribbean, Australia, England, Jerusalem, and Africa.”

Biggest Risk

Focusing on entrepreneurs and small clients…

Whyte-Hall explains, “When I first started telling my network about our $99 per month service offering, some of them thought it was a really bad idea. I was told, repeatedly, to go after the “big bucks” and focus on bigger businesses. I was told tiny businesses and entrepreneurs would never have the budget to work with me. But, my heart was, and still is, with the little guys and gals, the moms and pops – all enterprising individuals who were brave enough to run their own businesses, day in and day out.”

Lesson Learned

Choose a specific focus from the start…

Whyte-Hall says, “I would have targeted tiny businesses and entrepreneurs from the start. It’s where my passion is, and it’s just a good business model. There are A LOT more micro-businesses than there are BIG businesses.”

How They Went About Funding Their PR Start-Up?

A new website, software upgrades, and aggressive social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and continuous blogging.

Favorite Meeting Place

Whyte-Hall says, “I often have business meetings on the benches at the Hagerstown City Park, or at the Antietam National Battlefield. It’s fun to get my PR consultancy clients out there to discuss their unique public relations needs, instead of a coffee shop.”