How do you deal with haters on Facebook?

You know, those fans who feel passionately, but have crossed the line. You want to encourage lively discussion, but you also want to minimize hurtful, hateful, or spammy comments on your Facebook Page. Ultimately, you should discuss the best approach with your team, but here are 3 points to keep in mind:
  1. Make rules
When you make rules for your community, you set the tone for discussions that take place on your page. You invite passionate and lively discussion, but you also show them what's not OK. Define the line. Tell them exactly what's NOT OK on your page, and rules around banning repeat offenders. The Humane Society of United States has an excellent example in their about section.
  1. When a comment is hateful or hurtful
Protecting your community should be job one. They need to feel that you will stand up for them. In some cases, you can let other fans deal with the commenter. But if the commenter crosses a line, you need to decide whether to delete the comment and/or ban them from your page. Remember that hurtful comments about other Facebook communities should not be tolerated either. Maintain the highest level of respect for all people as your baseline – it will surely benefit your organization in the long run.
  1. When the comment is spam
Uninvited comments that are promoting a product unrelated to your community is spam. You can either delete it or flag it as inappropriate. You can also call out (shame) the commenter by tagging them and reminding them of your page rules (see tip 1).

Courtesy of John Haydon of The Hump Day

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