Innovation and Technology Packed Into Unique Space-saving Modern Holiday Tree

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of its creation Modern Christmas Trees released a limited edition small version of their tree called The Jubilee on Kickstarter.

The Jubilee transforms every space into a visual celebration. With its light and shadow play, this little tree fills any size room. Made of concentric rings, illuminated by a cordless LED, the tree is the perfect space saving solution for homes, condos and offices.  A remote control toggles LED light brightness and shades of red, green, and blue.

The Jubilee comes with chandelier crystals and fullsets of silver, blue, red and green ball ornaments in addition to a star, heart, and shamrock tree toppers, for use in most holiday celebrations.

The Modern Christmas tree was designed by Bud Stoecker in 1966. It was first made of concentric cardboard rings. Years later he built a half tree variation. His love of design was evident in all areas of his life. He even owned a business building and selling A-frame cabins in the Rocky Mountains. His trees are enjoyed all over the world including installation at the Disneyland Hotel, The Four Seasons, Googles, and Red Bull among many others.

About the designer

Modern Christmas TreeTM designer, architect, and engineer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker spent the majority of his professional life building A-frame modern homes in the Rocky Mountains.

The triangle shape of the A-frame was near and dear to his heart, because the business provided the money to feed his family. Money was scarce and so he sacrificed when he could. Sometimes this meant building things instead of buying them. One year for Christmas, it was a workbench for his 4 year old grandson Adam. Another year it was an ice skating rink in the family backyard. His Christmas tree was the family favorite. These stories exemplify his greatest characteristics. He was creative, funny and selfless.

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