Dallas Inventor’s Product, Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves, Debuts on QVC.Com!

After successfully completing a very long, intense process, Scarf Art Pretied Scarves has reached a milestone, product placement on QVC.COM.   One of the company’s designs, the Large Nautical Square is currently and exclusively debuting on QVC.com.   Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves were created to eliminate scarf tying for women and are the female equivalent to the Clip On or Zipper Tie for men.QVC_Products__Blog_Post_The company entered Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves in the QVC New Products Contest more than a year ago.  Participation in the QVC New Products Contest requires  inventors to submit their products to the QVC New Product Contest which occurs twice a month.  All inventors must adhere to QVC stringent guidelines in order for their products to be selected and presented to the public for voting. The QVC process includes, but is not limited to product testing, Quality Assurance, Legal Guidelines, fabric testing, etc.  According to Jacci Sims-Perry, Inventor/CEO, this process took more than one year before her product, Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves was officially selected for the QVC New Products Contest. After passing all the requirements and meeting all the guidelines for the QVC New Products, only three inventions are selected by QVC for public voting over a two week period. Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves was selected for the official QVC New Products Contest in January 2016.  The invention that receives the majority of votes, wins the contest.  Although Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves did not win the contest, the inventor, Sims-Perry, feels she still won the contest because QVC decided to place an order and add the product to their web site, QVC.com Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves current collection includes 15 different designs, however, QVC selected the Scarf Art Large Nautical Square Design in two colors, Black & White Polka Dot, and Black & White Zebra Print fabrics,” added Jacci.  These two Scarf Art Products are currently and exclusively available on QVC.com. Jacci, a Dallas native, invented Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves for women who are challenged by scarf tying; love scarves but don’t have time to tie them; want to save time & money; want to improved their professional or personal image;  and want to enhance and expand their existing wardrobe without breaking their bank accounts.  According to Jacci, Scarf Art’ mission is to create, manufacture and sell pre-tied functional fashionable scarves to women. Jacci said her pre-tied scarf inventions are targeted to a niche market of image conscious, socially-active women who take pride in their appearance. “The target customers are those women who take pride in having their nails, hair and wax appointments regularly,” said Jacci.   She believes her products work well with designer handbags and shoes. “If you are a woman who wants to enhance and or improve your personal and professional image, you’ll find the Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves a functional, fashion accessory you will not be able to do without,” noted Jacci, who is expecting over time that “Every woman from all income brackets - from office workers, lawyers, socialites, seasoned and young professionals- will find the scarves a must have. The company is very excited to have been added to QVC.COM in hopes of selling out online which will eventually lead to an on air demonstration of Scarf Art Pre-tied Products.  According to Jacci, her invention is best understood by potential customers when demonstrated.  In addition to the designs selected by QVC.COM, according to Jacci, all Scarf Art Products are “10 Seconds to Fabulous.”  As well, all products are user-friendly, attractive and functional.   The company’s mission is for the majority of women to know the power of a Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarf to transform an outfit.   What differentiates Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves from competitors is the exclusive functionality of the pre-tied and button and go features.   All potential customers have to do is button the product and go,” explained Jacci, whose company’s tagline is “Pre-tied for you, just button and go.” According to Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves Inventor, “Our products allow a woman to transform what’s already in her closet without having to go to the mall.”  In addition the products are very versatile according to the  inventor, Jacci, “Scarf Art can be used to enhance every aspect of a woman’s wardrobe – whether it is being worn professionally, socially, casually, to church or special occasions, etc. “We currently have 15 products in the collection which include Ascots, Neckerchiefs, Ruffle Collars, Nautical Squares in a wide variety of fabrics which are available on our web site, WWW.SCARF-ART.COM,” disclosed Jacci.  However, the products being offered on QVC.com are exclusive to QVC and only available in very limited quantities. For further information, contact: Jacci Sims-Perry, Inventor/CEO, Scarf Art, LLC, P.O. Box 740504,Phone:  (214) 240 -8050E-mail:   customerservice@scarf-art.comWebsite: http://www.scarf-art.com.