ZoomSupport’s Innovative Lifetime Service Plan

Zoom Support is a company engaged in remote support and provides technical assistance to PC/MAC users worldwide. Thanks to ZoomSupport, you get the convenience of having your computer serviced at home while entrusting it to a professional certified technician. ZoomSupport  offers different service plans including short term and long term ones. Getting a one-time fix is something most computer users are used to even though rarely satisfied with. They take their computer to the tech store, leave it in there for a few days only to discover a new issue a month or two later forced to go through the ordeal of servicing again. Is there a simpler and more efficient way to take care of your computer? Our ZoomSupport professionals came up with a perfect solution. An unconventional plan that makes our company stand out among other technical service providers is the lifetime plan we offer exclusively for our customers from now on. This plan has indubitable advantages compared to short term plans and one-time fixes. We have outlined some of these advantages for you so you could get a detailed look into what ZoomSupport offers bundled up in our lifetime plan.
  • Lifetime plan is money saving. After paying a one time fee you receive a 24/7 professional technical service for as long as you might possibly need it. Imagine not having to ever pay for computer servicing anymore. How great would that be? ZoomSupport makes that idea a reality.
  • There is no additional charges in a month, a year or 5 years. No need to renew the subscription or update and upgrade with extra cost. You pay once and receive superior technical support for as long as you need.
  • You have a possibility to use our Scheduled fix feature. This feature allows you to set up a personal calendar and ZoomSupport representatives will call you at a day and time you chose, say, every month to run a diagnostics and fix of your computer. That way you can be sure that you will not forget about taking care of your computer and none of the minor or major computer issues are neglected. We simply call you back, connect and start working while you can go about your own business or enjoy a cup of tea. After the diagnostic is made and the fix is performed our technicians will simply disconnect from your computer and you’ll be able to use it as soon as you want.
  • You receive professional tech support anytime any day. It doesn’t matter whether it is the New Year's Eve or 2 a.m. on Sunday - we work 24/7 every day. You know you we always have your back. If you need your computer urgently for your business, leisure, contacting family and it doesn’t work the way you want it to - you know that you can call ZoomSupport, connect in minutes, get the job done in hours and continue your day enjoying your computer’s smooth work. No worries about busy phone lines or service centers closed for holidays - ZoomSupport is the answer!
  • ZoomSupport professionals will help with you with setting up devices online (printers, scanners, cameras etc.) Sometimes a tiny problem may cause big frustration. All of a sudden your printer or scanner is playing tricks on you and you don’t have the skill or the time to figure out what went wrong. Call us and we will get things done together, will instruct you about which buttons to push and how to get things running as they should. It’s that easy.
  • As a part of ZoomSupport lifetime package for our Windows users we add a free Antivirus or PC Keeper software for a year free of charge. Our representatives will guide you through software features and let you know about the advantages.
  • Another incredibly convenient feature of this plan is that it is transferable. That means that if you want to buy a new computer of a newer model you keep your service - you just inform us about it and we transfer your service package to your new machine so that you can get the same regular care without any additional expenses.
  • ZoomSupport services are available in any part of the world and whether you are in USA, Australia or on a faraway tropical island - as long as you are connected to the internet, you can reach us in seconds and get the work done. You don’t have to look for a local service center while on vacation or on a work trip. You have remote technical service anywhere anytime.
  • We offer educational service. It is definitely easy to hand your computer over to somebody who knows it as the back of their hand. But have you ever wondered why certain things happen, how the system of your computer works and how to use simple tips to get along with your computer on your own? Wonder how to use hot keys, change font size on web pages or customize your desktop? ZoomSupport could brief you on that and answer your questions. Your computer would not be such a difficult thing anymore and you could get the best out of it. Just let us know you are interested and we will gladly tell you more!
  • ZoomSupport technicians can also help you with MP3 players and other mobile devices. You simply connect them to your computer to get them diagnosed and serviced by our technicians. We will assist you in data backup processes so you can be sure your information and files are safe and easily accessible.
  • You always hear about how important it is to take regular care of your computer as well as take care of your car, your home and your health. However we seem to start fixing things only when we are in real trouble. With ZoomSupport it is very easy to prevent issues and make sure everything is in tack. And the most pleasant part is that it is nowhere close to being as annoying and hard as visiting your dentist or taking your car to the service. Call us - we get things done - you enjoy your computer right away.
ZoomSupport’s lifetime service plan is the ultimate technical service you’ve been looking for! CONTACT DETAILS: ZoomSupport Königsallee 106 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany +49-21138789325 support@zoomsupport.com https://zoomsupport.com