Meet Mitno Technology – Lexington, Kentucky New Web Design & Tech Development Co.

Mitno Technology, LLC was founded in January 2016 by Justin Geis. Mitno is a professional web design and tech development company based in Lexington Kentucky. The company was founded after a long history and extensive experience developed over the last 10 years. I began making websites when I was 11 years old and experienced the web design standards transition from the dawn of basic HTML to the modern day capabilities of using high level object oriented programming languages on the web. I saw that the future of web design would no longer be about basic code structures, but a combination of scripting languages used together to create the unthinkable. I began taking Computer Science classes in high school and fell in love. It was like web development, but was all about logic and creating capabilities rather than design. After taking all of the web design and programming classes at my high school, I decided to attend the University of Kentucky to study Computer Science. Engineering classes were very difficult, but I couldn’t get enough of the programming. I struggled nearly every semester, but found that it was due to the core classes. I was spending more time further building my programs or would experiment on my own projects rather than studying for classes like Geography. After struggling academically for nearly 5 years of engineering, I was held back not because of CS classes, but because of the core classes. I realized I had learned what I set out to do and didn’t need to finish to exploit my passion. I discovered that many local “web design” companies are literally design based and way over priced. The difference between web design and web development is huge. Web designers simply use the tools that developers create and most of the time only know how to do the basics. Many are notorious for charging a fortune and having awful customer support. Customers ask for changes to their website and the design firms don’t know how to modify anything unless there is an existing plugin that a developer created. I found a niche of a market where I am knowledgeable on every aspect and can out perform and offer lower prices to customers. I took a web programming class at UK and the course consisted of 6 large web programs in 6 different languages. The first project was to create a web server to host the next 5 projects. When I decided to pursue Mitno, the first thing I did was buy a server and configure it to be a web host for my new company. Our company focuses on providing small business owners with affordable and powerful website capabilities. We have an elegant design style and provide custom tools to ease business operations all through the power of their website.