The Best Selection of Wedding Sparklers

Using sparklers at wedding has never been more popular, and manufacturers are creating a vast array of new types of sparklers to meet these demands. Most couples want to have all of the options in front of them before they make a decision, but until recently that was simply not possible. Now, Wedding Day Sparklers has compiled a massive catalog of sparklers for weddings to give you every option imaginable at the lowest possible prices. For couples who are interested in color sparklers, they have offer a variety of options including red, green, blue, and neon colored sparklers for your wedding. These are perfect if you want your sparklers to match the rest of your wedding décor. For couples who want something more traditional, they offer regular wedding sparklers that burn in the color gold. They are available in three sizes; ten inch, twenty inch, and thirty-six inch, to suit your personal needs. Best of all, they are smokeless sparklers so they can be used indoors! For something more unique, they offer heart shaped sparklers, number shaped sparklers, and bottle sparklers. Bottle sparklers attach to your champagne bottle for a cool reception toast and are available in either gold or color options. Wedding sparklers have all sorts of uses, and each type of sparkler is designed to offer something different. If you want cool looking photos, you can order the color sparklers to make things really pop. If you want to have a grand entrance or grand exit, the regular gold wedding sparklers usually work best because they don’t create any smoke. For your champagne toast, obviously the bottle sparklers are going to be tailor-made for your purposes. No other wedding sparkler company offer you all of these choices in one simple location, and that makes Wedding Day Sparklers your best choice when doing your shopping. Whether you’re having 25 guests or 500 guests at your wedding, their extensive catalog of wedding sparklers will have the right items for your needs.