Feeling lucky? The SBA can help your business find its pot of gold

Whether you need some extra funding for an expansion or second location, working capital, new equipment or just general start-up funding... the SBA can help ensure you are ready to tackle all your entrepreneurial dreams. And with recent record setting loan numbers, now is as good of a time as ever to explore your options in SBA financing: SBA Lending up nationally during the past year SBA Loan dollars increased by 23 percent overall during fiscal year 2015, including:
  • Lending up 45 percent to African-American entrepreneurs
  • Lending up more than 25 percent to women, Hispanic and Native American entrepreneurs.
SBA Microloan Program in the Seattle District Helps "pre-bankable" entrepreneurs grow their business with loans ranging from $500 to $50,000.
  • 52 percent of local microloans went to women entrepreneurs
  • 21 percent went to African-American entrepreneurs
Two big opportunities for entrepreneurs needing access to capital should be noted as well:
  • Through September 30, 2016, the SBA fee is waived on all loans $150,000 or less
  • The SBA fee is reduced by 5 percent on all loans above $150,000 for veterans
So if you are looking for that extra money to make a big move for your small business, consider reaching out to an SBA lender in your area through our new "matchmaking" tool, SBA LINC. A few simple questions online and you'll be connected with a lender that can help you get the access to capital that your business needs to get to that next level.