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Next STEP for Exporting

96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the United States. SBA has the tools to help your company reach into these new markets beyond the border and grow your customer base. It’s time to take your business global!

How to Become a Street Vendor

Everyone has seen a street vendor at some point and many of us have purchased from him or her. Consider for a moment self-employment and the opportunity to work outdoors with a schedule that is always convenient for you.

Depositing Your Employees’ Withholdings

As an employer, when you withhold income taxes or other funds from employees’ paychecks, you’re obligated to apply the funds appropriately in a timely manner.

What is Lean Start-up Methodology and is it a Tool for More Small Business Owners?

The traditional business plan has many virtues; and the common thinking is that by prompting the new entrepreneur to initially consider all the components of a successful business operation, from the legal structure to the marketing plan to financial projections, etc., the venture has a higher likelihood of success.

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