3 Tips To Drastically Increase Your Profits

So recently I’ve written a series of posts that detail exactly what you need to know about a Funded Proposal Marketing System, including why you need a funded proposal marketing system in your business, and how to set a funded proposal marketing system. In this post I want to give you 3 tips that will make a drastic improvement in the amount of profit that you make from your new funded proposal marketing system. When you couple these 3 tips along with everything else I’ve shown you about putting an effective Funded Proposal Marketing System to work in your business, you’ll have everything you need to have an unlimited flow of new money and distributors pouring into your business! So, here they are.... First, this entire process rests on targeting the RIGHT people for your business – which again, are OTHER network marketers. If you started targeted anybody and everybody like “old school” prospecting methods teach you, then you won’t know exactly what your MLM leads are interested in. And as a result, it will be nearly impossible for you to recommend a product to them.On the other hand, if you make sure that you’re only targeting other networker marketers, you know already what some of their issues are. And as a result, it makes it very simple (and VERY profitable) to recommend generic affiliate products to your MLM leads that they would be VERY interested in purchasing! READ MORE HERE>>>