Gateway Church Celebrates NFL Sunday

While many wail and moan about how America has lost its sense of virtue and Christian tradition, and that it's harder for a football fan to enter heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, Bishop David Price, the Lead Pastor at the new Gateway Church in Williamsport, MD, believes Americans have become so pervasive that most find it difficult to tear themselves away from the NFL Super Bowl Sunday. Should the Church boycott NFL Super Bowl Sunday? “Not by any means,” said Bishop Price, who recently introduced his church’s own version of the NFL – Neighbors, Friends & Loved Ones – and he’s inviting everyone to join them for Gateway's first NFL Super Bowl Sunday on Sunday, February 7 at 10 am. “While the NFL continues in many ways to justify the youths’ continued engagement in sports,” said Bishop Price, “we are simply capitalizing on the NFL Super Bowl Sunday theme and getting everyone into their favorite team colors or jerseys for the Big Game, and inviting their neighbors friends and loved ones to celebrate with us." According to Lynn Hall, coordinator of the Gateway Church NFL Super Bowl Sunday, they are trying to move towards a new generation of younger Christians, and this service is about tailoring a popular sporting event to getting the message of Christ to those who would otherwise be couch potatoes spending Super Bowl Sunday in their family room at home. Lynn, who has been a Christian for 30 years, added that their version of the NFL Super Bowl Sunday was designed to encourage “our friends, neighbors, and loved ones to come out and celebrate with us on NFL Super Bowl Sunday.” This Sunday at Gateway promises to be a fun theme along with a field goal and an illustrated message delivered by Bishop Price. This this promises to be a phenomenal day when everyone arrives wearing their jeans, sneakers and jerseys, ready to worship the Lord against the backdrop of NFL Super Bowl Sunday and hear about the Big Game.