Small Business Owners: Do you really need a press release?

Yes, we really think you do... because as we consult with clients and potential clients, the issue of press releases usually comes up. I find it interesting the various thoughts that people have about using a press release. Let me be perfectly clear, a press release is not a silver bullet to ensure a front-page story on the Financial Observer (Jamaica), nor is it a guarantee that your other local newspapers will run an exclusive story on our community-related event. However, a well-written release crafted by professionals can bring you increased media attention and act as a vehicle to open doors of communication between media professionals and your organization. A good press release:
  • Adds value and helps promote your company
  • Is concise and well written
  • Emphasizes important facts
A poorly written press release:
  • Attempts to tell the whole story
  • Reads like a novel or a screenplay
  • Is not focused on the right audiences
  • AND, just won’t get you the positive attention you desire
If you are a small business owner with writing talent, you may be able to write the press release yourself.  However, many businesses can benefit from focusing on what they do best and hiring a professional to write press releases that get the attention of the media and others who will repeat or amplify their story. At Whyte-Hall Communications, we are the “news release creation specialist.” Our strategy is always to zero in on the newsworthy issues and write press releases to help market our clients to their desired audiences. Think you have a newsworthy issue that might warrant a press release? Contact us for a free consultation and we will let you know if writing a press release is right for you. CONTACT US to set-up your free press release consultation.