How To Use Social Media To Market Major Events: 3 Case Studies

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Written by jeffbullas on March 10, 2010 – 30 Comments

So I decided that looking at a few case studies of how social media has been used to market and promote events would be in order. Though I am familiar with social media and it’s benefits, my experience with major events has been more on the level of attending rather than organizing, despite the fact that our Christmas street party event, that I helped organize was a major hit in 2009.

Major events and trade shows have taken a major hit in attendance in the last two years due to the worldwide “Great Financial Shrinkage” that is closely aligned to the the “GFC”. Apparently in 2008 there was a shrinkage of minus 5% in trade show events, in 2009 it was a little worse with a drop of minus 22%.  That being the case, the need to be creative and use efficient marketing methods and strategies has become paramount. The use of social media marketing that doesn’t cost much except a lot of time and commitment can be a very effective channel to promote an event. The great advantage of social media is encased in a phrase that I rather like…..”Social Media allows content to be set free”.

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