How to Use Social Media to Get PR For Your Company | Fast Company

By Fast Company Expert Blogger Francine Hardaway If you are still sending out press releases over the wire headed "press release" or "for immediate release," you are just setting yourself up for rejection according to a panel of journalists at today's Social Media Summit in San Francisco. For most of these young journos, the days of press releases for assignment editors are over. In the current media environment, each journalist is encouraged to develop a personal brand, and the place they're doing it is on the big social sites: Twitter and Facebook. So, according to Kym McNicholas, a reporter for, make a list of outlets you want to be covered by, find out who the writers are, read their stories until you find the ones who might be covering the space your company is in, and then establish a relationship. McNicholas says, "ask to friend me on Facebook, but don't do it without a personal note telling me why." The story continues here!