How I Use Social Media to Promote My Business — Mark Hayward

by MARK Are you still struggling with how to begin your social media campaign? After my recent post, “Small Business Social Media & Online Marketing Plan,” I received numerous emails from folks saying that they were still a little confused and seeking further clarification. Please remember, this online strategy is not about blogging for money or affiliate marketing (for that topic see ProBlogger or CopyBlogger), but using the free resources that are available on the Internet to help promote YOUR business. My Primary Social Media Tools The free online tools that I use to promote the Palmetto Guesthouse are as follows:
  • Website (built using WordPress)
  • Blog (WordPress)
  • YouTube
  • Forums
  • Google Alerts (sends you a notification anytime someone mentions your pre-selected key words or phrases
  • Twitter and Twitter Search (I primarily use Twitter as a learning tool, a listening device, and for networking.)
As way to help further clarify the Small Business Social Media & Online Marketing Plan I thought that I would present to you a “day in the life” and highlight what I do and the tools I use to promote my business. I can’t really place specific times on my activities because my days are fairly fluid and depend largely on what our guests need: 5:30a.m. to 6:30a.m. - Wake up and check my email, Twitter stream, Twitter Search (for various terms),  Google alerts, and read through HARO requests. If I find any Google alerts or HARO inquiries that are relevant to my business then I will comment or respond accordingly. via How I Use Social Media to Promote My Business — Mark Hayward.